The TL;DR November 20th, 2017

TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking about what to do with Twitter’s new character count, benefits and risks of Instagram Stories, and how to get great content on Facebook. 

8 Ways to Use Twitter’s Longer Character Count

With the new 280 character count rolling out across Twitter, it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Here are 8 ideas to help you out. Read more at Social Media Today.


  • Tell more of the story: Now you can add more context to any story you try to share on twitter, which allows room for more humanization around multiple topics.
  • Multiple links in tweets: With the longer limit it’s easier to share links. This is a great opportunity to share information that needs a little more context, like multiple links.
  • Round ups: Similar to the above, it’s now much easier to do article roundups or influencer roundups since there’s more room to tag and share information.
  • List posts: Listicles are everywhere online now and with more characters it’s much easier to share a list on Twitter with corresponding links, if needed.
  • Vertical tweets: If you need a more visual tweet, you can now do much longer vertical tweets. This has the added benefit of being feed-stopping while also sharing something new and creative.
  • Longer quotes: Now you don’t have to severely edit quotes or choose not to share them because of length. You can share more insightful quotes while also tagging the person who said them.
  • Ask longer questions: Twitter is a great platform for questions, but it can be difficult to say everything you need to in 140 characters. The longer length allows for more in-depth, thought provoking questions.
  • More context for quotes: Now you can add more of your own thoughts to things you retweet or quote, allowing for more involved discussions.

6 Benefits and Risks of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories aren’t going away anytime soon, so it’s a good time to jump on board if you aren’t already. Here are 6 benefits and risks to using them. Read more on Social Media Today.


  • Benefit: Instagram Stories can be whatever you want them to, meaning you can test and try new things.
  • Risk: Taking a flexible approach might make it difficult to come up with standard KPIs by which to measure content performance.
  • Benefit: It’s constantly evolving and adding new features, allowing you to interact with your audience in new ways.
  • Risk: Getting overwhelmed by changes, trying too many things at once, or not trying anything at all and getting left behind.
  • Benefit: Users are definitely interested in Instagram stories, and the number of people interacting with it is growing every day.
  • Risk: It’s not an experiment anymore, failing to use it could result in you being left behind.

15 Ways to Get Great Content from Facebook

It can be difficult to figure out how to find quality content for Facebook on a regular basis. The infographic below can give you 15 great ways to find content. You can read more here.