The TL;DR October 30th, 2017: The Prediction Edition

TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking predictions – what’s going to happen in marketing in 2018? Read up on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

5 Predictions for Facebook in 2018

Social Media Today has shared where they think Facebook marketing is going in 2018. Read the full article here.


  • AR Growth: Facebook has been focused on AR for a while, and they will likely invest even more in new AR options.
  • VR Social: Facebook owns Oculus, the company behind the most well-known VR headset. As Oculus becomes more affordable, Facebook will likely try to introduce more VR opportunities on the platform to keep people coming back.
  • eCommerce Over Messenger: Facebook is continuing to make it easier to send and receive money over messenger, in the hopes of developing it for a more eCommerce oriented use.
  • Better Measurement: Facebook will continue to improve ad metrics, and will likely be focusing on trying to tie back offline purchases to ads on the social network.
  • General Platform Development: Facebook will continue to work on emerging technologies, image recognition search, their Watch platform, and more.

5 Predictions for Instagram in 2018

Here’s what Social Media Today sees happening for Instagram in 2018. Read the full article here.


  • Shopping Tags: This option, allowing businesses to put price and information tags in photos, will likely be rolled out to a broader audience in 2018.
  • Visual Search: Facebook, who owns Instagram, has been working hard to implement advanced image recognition. There’s a good chance searching by image recognition will appear under the Explore tab on the platform.
  • Stories Development: Considering how successful Instagram Stories have been, there’s a strong chance the platform will be rolling out even more options and tools throughout the next year. Some of these updates could include further AR integration and more.
  • 360 Instagram: Facebook has spent a lot of time improving their 360 photo process, and once the tool is finalized it will likely make an appearance on Instagram.
  • Insta Maps: Considering the updates Instagram has made to compete with Snapchat, it wouldn’t be a surprise for them to interest a Snap Map-esque feature for their own platform.

4 Predictions for Pinterest in 2018

Social Media Today shared four predictions for where they see Pinterest going in 2018. Read the full story here.


  • Improved Buyable Pins: While Pinterest has introduced many in-stream buying options, they will likely work even harder to make it easier for people to purchase in-stream.
  • Updated Taste Graph: Pinterest’s expanded collection of categories and options based on user behavior has enabled better ad targeting across the board. In 2018, they’ll likely make it even more useful.
  • Lens Evolution: Pinterest’s image-recognition tool has allowed people to take photos of things in real life and find them on Pinterest. The next step, hopefully, is to allow user to overlay specific products onto your real world scene using AR.
  • Improved Profile Options: After showing off what they could do with the immersive Halloween experience, marketers are wondering if Pinterest will be making a move to more immersive options for business profiles.