The TL;DR May 19th, 2017

TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

From influencer marketing to the latest shifts in the social media landscape, here’s your of-the-moment update on what you need to know.

How to Weather Influencer Marketing Growing Pains

Recently Marketing Dive discussed how brands and marketers should consider handling the growing pains that come along with the massive boom in influencer marketing.

What this means and why it matters:

  • Marketers should start putting the message first then work to find an influencer that matches the message.
  • Using lower-cost micro-influencers with smaller, more concentrated followings could be more effective than hiring one or two massive influencers with no particular attachment to a brand.
  • Marketers need to make sure they’re staying on top of evolving regulations surrounding influencer usage.

Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories

Instagram stories are already proving to be more popular than Snapchat stories and show little sign of slowing down.

What this means and why it matters:

  • If you’re going to do story-based content, consider at least using Instagram alongside Snapchat.
  • Instagram appeals to a larger audience than Snapchat, so focus on growing your Instagram following.
  • If using Influencers, consider having them do an Instagram takeover rather than a Snapchat takeover

Twitter Might Just Become Your Latest “Cable” Network

Twitter recently announced a new focus on streaming – this includes adding 16 new partners who will stream exclusive content on the platform.

What this means and why it matters:

  • Marketers should keep an eye on Twitter’s new direction as best practices will likely shift along with it
  • New partnership opportunities may show up with this new announcement
  • Web series may now how a great place to play that isn’t YouTube

Adults spend 12+ hours a day consuming media

Between TV, desktop, and mobile, US adults spend more time than ever interacting with media, according to a eMarketer data.

What this means and why it matters:

  • People are multitasking and marketers should capitalize on the fact that potential customers can be reached via mobile, television, and desktop simultaneously.
  • Mobile first still matters – the largest slice of time is spent on mobile
  • 89% of time on mobile is spent in apps – so make sure you’re reaching them there.