Soundoff: A D6 Q&A Series

One of our Account Managers shares her thoughts on customer loyalty and how rewarding account management can be.


Who: Molly Pilgrim

What: Account Manager

Where: Atlanta

Why: Cool-under-pressure AM. Georgia read, Texas Bred. Culture club Mastermind. D6 star on the rise.

What’s the key to establishing customer loyalty?

“Gaining trust. By building a trusting client relationship you welcome a greater possibility of account growth. We strive to be an extension of our client’s every day team; clients need to trust you like they would their own employee. By understanding your client’s personality and tendencies, you will learn how to react to and approach client needs, questions and frustrations.”

What’s an unexpected factor of your job that most people don’t know about?

“The reward! When a client expresses their excitement, happiness and sheer thankfulness, I am reminded that we are making a difference and making our clients’ everyday lives easier in their workplace. Working at an agency, it is easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle, but when clients take the time to thank you for the work that we have done, it all pays off.