The TL;DR September 1, 2017

TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

Exploring a drop in organic reach on Facebook, the dangers of fake followers, and 4 common Instagram mistakes. 

Facebook’s Organic Reach Has Declined Up to 20% For Brands

According to new research by BuzzSumo, engagement and reach for organic brand content has fallen up to 20% since January of this year. Read the full article here.


  • Facebook made an update in June of this year that put a heavy emphasis on content posted by friends and family, pushing branded content further down in the algorithm.
  • Image posts & link posts have taken the biggest hit in performance.
  • Facebook may no longer be the best platform for traffic.
  • Posting less may actually improve reach and engagement.
  • Experimentation is now the name of the game.

Fake Followers Could Be Ruining Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is huge, but accounts with large (but fake) follower-ships can make it more difficult to succeed. Read the full article here.


  • CNN estimates that up to 85 million Facebook accounts are fake.
  • Business Insider estimates that 8% of Instagram accounts are fake.
  • There are several ways to identify fake followers.
  • Accounts with fake followers can be identified by having a sudden surge in followers, strange demographics, and abnormally low engagement.
  • Marketers should avoid accounts with fake followers because they’re unethical, bot accounts inevitably get shut down, and they skew the actual performance data.

4 Instagram Mistakes To Avoid

With best practices constantly changing, it can be easy to lose track of them. Social Media Today shared 4 common mistakes that marketers might not realize they’re making on Instagram. See the rules below and read the full article here.


  • Not using Instagram like your followers: Getting so caught up in metrics and data can keep marketers from remembering that they should be using Instagram like their audience. Don’t just post, interact and engage.
  • Missing out on emoji traffic: If you’re not searching emojis on Instagram, you could be missing out on important insights regarding your audience as well as what’s trending.
  • Not having a visual strategy: Ensuring you have a unique visual style helps you stand apart from your competitors.
  • Ignoring Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories can be used to test new content, find new followers, and increase