The TL;DR September 15, 2017

TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we talk about 5 new things Facebook is testing, Facebook’s new Crisis Response section, and Pinterest’s audience and growth. 

5 New Facebook Updates & Tests

Always on the cutting edge, Facebook has been testing a lot of new and exciting features. Read the full article on Social Media Today here.


Facebook is testing the following five things:

  • Search with Photo: Users may soon be able to search by photos on the platform. Since this is still in the early stages not much is known about it, but it could help users connect with the brands that make products they love much more quickly.
  • Private Profiles: This feature could allow users to create a smaller circle of friends within their Facebook friends and only show updates to that particular group. This can make controlling privacy even easier for users.
  • Recommended Businesses: Facebook may be starting to recommend businesses that users might want to chat with. Suggestions will be based on a user’s activity.
  • Active Users: Facebook is testing adding a green dot next to user’s names in comments, helping other people know that these people are online and more likely to engage and talk. This would likely be an extension of the chat sidebar notifier.
  • Instant Videos: This could allow users in areas of low connectivity to watch videos more quickly without using data. Videos would be preloaded on Wi-Fi and then stored in your cache for later viewing.

Facebook Implements New Crisis Response Section

Facebook has added a new section to its website to help users better understand specific, sudden events. Read the full article here.

The TL;DR:

  • Facebook has expanded their Safety Check section to be much more robust.
  • Users can now access the “Crisis Response” section as events occur to learn about what’s going on the world.
  • Users will be able to read articles, view photos and videos, and find out how to help when a crisis occurs.
  • This tool was inspired in part by how users came together to organize rescue and relief efforts in the wakes of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Pinterest Releases New Information Regarding Growth and Audience

Pinterest has recently completed a new study about its audience and growth. It covers many elements of the platform. Read the full article here and see the full infographic on our blog.


  • More than 200 million people use Pinterest every month.
  • Pinterest has grown nearly 40% since last year.
  • Pinterest has seen a 50% increase in men using the platform.
  • 40% of the audience has a household income of $100K+.