The TL;DR September 29, 2017

TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking about regular social media calendars, Twitter’s new post length, and improving your blog’s design. 

Why a Core Social Media Schedule Matters

Social works better when it has a regular, consistent schedule. Find out why and how to do it. Read the full article here.


  • Why you need a schedule:
    • Creates consistency and retention: A regular schedule means users know what to expect from your brand, this makes them more likely to hang around.
    • Fills in content gap: When there’s not a consistent campaign or seasonal event, it’s easy to go a long time without posting. A regular schedule helps keep that from happening.
    • Frees up your time: Creating content all at once, getting it approved ahead of time, and scheduling in advance can save you a lot of time in your day-to-day activities.
    • Develop and outline your brand story: A strong brand story is more compelling to followers. Having a regular schedule can help you do that.
  • How to create a schedule:
    • Figure out what kind of content you have access to: Make sure you have the time and resources to regularly create the kind of content you’re considering.
    • Research your industry and competitors: Know what your competitors are doing and figure out what you can do to set your brand apart.
    • Stay relevant: Make sure your content is on topic for your brand or industry. Irrelevant content can lead to engagement that doesn’t really go anywhere.
    • Start simple: Analyze what’s working from here and continue to test and improve.

Twitter Tests Expanding Character Count Limit

Twitter will soon start testing expanding its iconic 140 character count limit to 280 characters in most languages. This is a huge move for the platform. You can read the full article here.


  • Twitter’s character count was initially created to match that of a standard SMS message.
  • Initial reactions to the news were not positive but Twitter is moving forward with the change.
  • The change, if fully enacted, will eventually affect all languages except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. These languages tend to struggle less with the character count.
  • Twitter has found that markets where people struggle to fit the character counts tend to tweet less.

10 Blog Stats To Help Your Strategy

A blog can be a great source of traffic for brands. Here are ten stats to help you get the most out of yours. See the full infographic below. Source: Social Media Today


  • Most blogs have big writing on a white background.
  • Ease of use for mobile visitors should always be top of mind.
  • Sans Serifs are the most popular font choice, Proxima Nova being the top typeface.