The Savannah Film Festival 2017

This Year the Savannah Film Festival Celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

The Savannah College of Arts and Design annually host international filmmakers, stars, press, and fans (this year they expect more than 50,000 people to attend) for 2 weeks of screenings, panels, master classes, and of course, networking and parties.

I’ve had the great honor to represent DEFINITION 6 over the past few years. Hosting a premiere, interviewing an Oscar nominee, and participating in a master class.

Last year, I brought the highly acclaimed Blade Runner art director, David L. Snyder. He regaled a huge crowd with untold stories of the creation of what to this day remains one of the top Science Fiction movies of all time.

The year before, I interviewed the CEO of Troma Entertainment, director Lloyd Kaufman, his wife Pat (former New York State Film Commissioner), and The Toxic Avenger. We premiered Troma’s latest movie, Return to Return of Nuke ‘Em High, held a focus group, and opened it up for everyone in a packed screening to participate.

And before that, I spoke to a graduate class of directing students about the new tools of marketing and promotion.

This year, I’m proud to host Marko Costanzo, world class Foley Artist who’s worked on more than 500 feature films, from The Departed to The Big Lebowski.

We will put a Foley pit on stage and show how it’s done LIVE with clips from many of the Martin Scorsese movies for which he’s designed the SFX.

I can’t even begin to tell you about all the great movies I’ve seen there well before release and all the wonderful people I’ve met and interacted with over the years.

Go to the SAVFF website for a complete guide to this year’s events and take a look at the gallery of photos from the past.

I will be posting throughout the Festival and I hope to capture the flavor of what’s become one of the premiere film events of the season.