The TL;DR November 13th, 2017

TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking about Pinterest’s new board options, Facebook polls, and the best types of video for each platform. 

Pinterest Adds Board Sections

Pinterest has now added the ability to organize boards into subsections. Read the full article on Social Media Today.


  • The new functionality allows users to divide boards into multiple subsections.
  • Each subsection can be give a customized name.
  • This allows for better organization across the platform.
  • Brands will now be better able to show off their products or services and this will allow deeper customization.

Facebook Adds New Polling Options

Along with the ability to add polls, pages and users now have many more customization options available for them. Read the full article here.


  • Pages and users can now use gifs or images in their poll options.
  • This should increase poll engagement as it will make them more prominent in newsfeed and more enjoyable to interact with.
  • This move may have been inspired by the popularity of using Facebook live stream partnered with reactions to make polls more interesting.
  • Facebook has been testing the move since September and it has found popularity.

The Best Types of Video For Each Platform

Video isn’t going away anytime soon but it can be difficult to know what videos work for which platform. Get a crash course in social video with the infographic below. You can find the source here.