The TL;DR December 11th, 2017

TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking about Facebook’s new question functionality, direct sales on Facebook, and some of the best social campaigns of the year. 

Facebook Adds “Answer a Question” Feature

Facebook has added a prompt to the post box asking people to answer a question. Read the full article here.


  • Facebook has noticed a continued decline in people using the platform, especially for sharing personal information.
  • In a bid to try and keep users on the platform longer and interacting in more meaningful ways, they added the “Answer a Question” feature.
  • Users can select “Answer a Question” from the post box and then Facebook displays a random question on a variety of topics such as “If I could invite anyone over for dinner I’d invite…” or “If I could be feared or loved by all I’d choose…”
  • Your answer is then displayed in your friends’ feeds as a post, allowing them to like, comment, discuss, etc.
  • You can also have your answer to one of the questions pinned to your profile so new visitors can see it and get to know you better.
  • Facebook could also get more valuable data on consumers for its ad targeting this way as well.

Facebook Is A Goldmine for Direct Marketing

With so much access to customers and their behavior, Facebook provides an amazing opportunity for direct-to-customer sales. Read the full article here.


  • 1 out of every 4 merchants already sell on Facebook and 30% of users say they’d be likely to make a purchase from the social network.
  • Research shows that while some modern brands are conducting sales through Facebook, it’s largest source of positive ROI comes from its ad platform.
  • Facebook has tried to maximize it’s direct sales market before in multiple ways:
    • The introduction of “Stores” shortly after it launched its IPO seemed promising but many brands abandoned them after a few months.
    • They introduced chat bots, which were thought to be useful for sales, but the bot development has gone more in the ads direction than the direct transaction direction.
  • Facebook is now focusing on Marketplace, where users can buy and sell with each other. Merchants are locked out for now, but the renewed focus on the section could indicate that they are considering letting merchants in.
  • Some merchants are directing users straight to their Facebook Storefront, enabling immediate transactions that don’t ruin the user experience. Look for more of this in the future.

Great Social Campaigns to Inspire You In 2018

It’s always good to look at successful campaigns when planning your next year. Check out these great campaigns and read the full article here.


  • Heineken #OpenYourWorld: This campaign was launched with a video where people of very different backgrounds and beliefs were brought together to discuss them over a bottle of Heineken. The Youtube video alone received over 14 million views and Heineken also created a chat bot to connect users with very different backgrounds in conversation. This no doubt helped create a lot of brand affection for Heineken.
  • Tesla and the Model 3’s Social CEO: Musk’s constant involvement with his brand’s social media announcement’s and updates shows a clear positive impact on performance. By being visible and seeming approachable, the brand is able to cultivate an impressive online following for it’s relatively small size.
  • Dom From Domino’s Chatbot: Dom is a chatbot that allows users to order a pizza directly in Messenger, while also receiving a few fun, cheeky jokes along the way.
  • Airbnb #WeAcccept: After receiving criticism for having discriminatory hosts, Airbnb turned what could have been a PR disaster into a social boon. They created new guidelines to ensure hosts are more accepting while also launching a moving social campaign to spread the message. They were rewarded with exceptional performance.
  • Eggo and Stranger Things: Netflix and Eggo cleverly made the waffles an intrinsic part of the series, creating a connection that felt genuine and authentic. While the Eggo connection became a viral meme on its own, it was also brought to life by the brand itself on their own social channels.