Must See Predictions About the Future of Television and Visual Media

NATPE 2018 in Miami is sure to be one of the most interesting markets ever.

A few years ago, the “Normal” of the broadcast television and video business was disrupted by Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, and it begat “The New Normal” with platforms like YouTube, Snap, and Instagram becoming distributors.

This year, “The Next New Normal” rears it’s head and it includes everything from ATSC 3.0, 5G and Blockchain to Echo with video, how Data influences creative, and AR/VR/MR everywhere.

The “Next New Normal” will be all about innovation. 

Things we’ve taken for granted before are being re-examined. Things like over the air transmission, the use of sound, and the overall user experience, (it’s not about the remote control anymore), and who knew…podcasting is coming back!

That’s the launch point for our discussion at this year’s NATPE conference. The landing pad will be about predicting the future.

Join me, and some big thinkers in our industry, Anastasia Leng, CEO Picasso Labs, Jesse Redniss, Chief Innovations Officer, Turner, Joel Beckerman, Founder and Lead Composer, ManMadeMusic, David Alder, CMO, Laduma, Jon Accarrino, Digital Director KSL/Bonneville Media and Peter Naylor, Head of Sales, Hulu, for a discussion of TV and Visual Media in the 21st Century.

You can even interact with the panel on Twitter while you watch it on Facebook Live.

See you at NATPE either in person, on line, or on your mobile device.