The Latest Edition of “The Next New Normal”

The latest edition of “The Next New Normal,” took place at NATPE 2018 on Miami Beach On Day one.

We set out to discuss the innovations in the media landscape, and in the end, make some predictions about what may lay ahead.

On the panel was Jesse Redniss, Chief Innovations Officer at Turner, Peter Naylor, head of sales at Hulu, Anastasia Leng, CEO at Picasso Labs, Jon Accarrino, executive director of digital strategy at KSL-TV/Bonneville, Media, and Dave Alder at Laduma VR.

Here is what we predicted…

Peter Naylor, Hulu:

When data is tablestakes and everyone is great at data – and everyone will need to be great at data to be in business – it will put a premium back on brand and creativity.

Anastasia Leng, Picasso Labs:

Data & insights teams will cease to be centralized functions and will instead be dispersed throughout entire organizations. Companies will cease to say they’re data-driven; it will become an implicit requirement for survival. Statistics will become a mandatory part of the educational curriculum. 

Jesse Redniss, Turner:

Facebook will acquire Roku. In doing so, Facebook enters the living room marketing with the biggest of the connected TV players, gaining relationships with an armada of publisher and media companies, along with all the audience information and data. Not to mention this catapults them into the hardware game on a global level.

JON Accarrino, KLS-TV/Bonneville Media:

ATSC 3 is such a transformative technology that it will be how the iPhone was to mobile

The local stations will have more power than anyone realizes. Cable and internet will be reduced to a utility similar to a landline. ATSC will be the primary content distribution method. In-car video will dominate media as driverless cars deploy. GM’s driverless fleet starts deploying in 2019.

Dave Alder, Laduma VR:

  1. VR and especially AR will see significant leaps forward in the next two years as more huge brands start adopting the technologies, build them into their marketing strategies and use them to drive new revenue as well as provide new forms of consumer engagement. In 2017, events like the World Cup and Winter Olympics will be great launch pads for them and raise the public consciousness of VR and AR.
  2. Apple’s commitment to the AR space will continue in 2017. Snapchat will also become a huge AR player, especially if it’s new Spectacles are marketed successfully. This could be the breakout of the goggles we’ve waited for for a long time and define a tipping point. The same applies to Magic Leap. 
  3. The wow factor will diminish quickly and be replaced by a deeper understanding as to how VR and AR can be truly useful for consumers and brands alike. Apps will soon become indispensable and browser based applications for MR in particular will rapidly grow.

My prediction:

Smart screens and smart speakers will quickly be “always on TV” that you can talk with. From finding and playing your content, communicating, even doing IOT tasks at home or work, they will become central to our lives with numbers that will amaze and astound. I’m thinking huge revenue generator and marketing tool, but that’s just me.

“The Next New Normal” will become an annual meeting of the minds at the NATPE conference US.