The TL;DR January 8, 2018

TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking about Facebook’s algorithm, social strategies to leave behind, and Pinterest’s Top Trends for 2018.

Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Updates

Facebook is constantly testing and updating its algorithm to stay on top of users’ needs and wants. Here are three updates to keep in mind going into 2018. Read more here.


  • Intent and repeat viewership matter more:
    • Facebook is going to start giving preference to videos that people are proactively searching for and returning to Facebook to watch.
    • If people are going out of their way to find your video, it will get weighed more heavily in the algorithm.
    • If people watch videos from the same publisher frequently, those videos will get preference in the news feed.
    • This means marketers should make sure their videos are things people want and focus on episodic content.
  • Engagement Bait gets devalued:
    • Posts similar to “Like this post if…” “Sad reacts for A, Wow reacts for B”, etc will be devalued in the algorithm as “engagement baiting.”
    • Facebook has created a machine learning tool that detects these types of posts and pages that use it often will be lowered even further in the algorithm.
    • Posts categorized as “engagement baiting”:
      • Asking people to tag their friends.
      • Asking people to comment specific answers like emojis, phrases, or numbers.
      • Asking people to vote on something using reactions, comments, or shares.
      • Asking people to react to a post.
      • Asking people to share posts with their friends.
    • Links to low-quality sites will be devalued:
      • Links to sites with disruptive, malicious, or shocking ads.
      • Links to sites that load slowly.
      • Links to sites that have little to no content on the landing page.
      • Links to sites that have super high bounce rates and low pages per session.

4 Social Strategies to Leave Behind in 2018

The social landscape is always changing, which means tactics and effective solutions are too. Here are four former strategies you can leave out of your 2018 strategy. Read the full article here.


  • Worrying about how your Instagram grid looks:
    • Several brands have, in the past, placed importance on what your Instagram grid looks like whenever someone visits your profile. Recent data has come out saying that only about 1% of impressions on Intagram come from the grid, the rest are from the feed. Better to have consistent, quality content than a specific arrangement of photos on the profile.
  • Perfectly edited video content:
    • While it’s important for videos to have a clear picture and sound, authenticity and timeliness have become much more important in recent months than fancy graphics or editing. This is due in large part to the widespread adoption of Instagram stories and live content.
  • Choosing influencers based on reach:
    • While it’s important for an influencer to have a following, its equally important that the influencer suits the brand, has and engaged audience, and has the skill to create quality content. It’s important for brands to see influencers as partners and not just spokespeople.
  • Ignoring Instagram Stories and LinkedIn:
    • Potential customers are interested in brands as a whole, not just the products. Stories and LinkedIn provide unique opportunities to highlight culture, employees, and much more.

Trends to Watch on Pinterest in 2018

Pinterest has a wealth of data on what its users are pinning – and what to keep an eye on in coming months. At the end of 2017, they announced the Top 100 trends to try in 2018. You can see an overview below and read the rest here.


  • Food: Healthy Meets Tasty is the year’s theme.
    • Diet-Friendly Frying: Searches for air fryers are way up.
    • Souping > Juicing: Recommendations for a soup-based cleanse instead of a juice-based cleanse are up.
    • Super Coffee: Searches are up for how to add more to your coffee, such as protein powder or superfoods, to get more out of it.
  • Women’s Style: Fearless fashion. People want to know how to make a statement.
    • Logos are IN: Searches for styles featuring prominent logos are up.
    • Larger Earrings: Oversized hoops and structured heavy metal pieces are in.
    • Go Wide: Skinny jeans might be on their way out for now.
  • Men’s Style: Keep it classy – men are looking to elevate their looks in 2018.
    • Small Patterns: Mini prints and subtle patterns are overtaking simple, basic pieces.
    • Clean-cut beards: While the beard trend is going strong, men are looking to take better care of them.
    • Workwear: Men are searching for down-to-earth work wear pieces like shearling coats and trucker jackets.
  • Home: It’s all in the details. Users want to know how to make their homes personal.
    • Resort-Inspired Style: Spa-inspired bathrooms and rattan furniture have made a big leap.
    • Metallics: Metals add a touch of style to any palette, with mixed metals being the most-searched.
    • Welcome Back Terrazzo: This style is making a comeback as people look to brighten up spaces.