The Masters of Marketing SCAD aTVFest

PT BARNUM might have said… you cant’ see the show if you aren’t in the tent.

That’s why modern TV and digital marketers make promos, create print ads, hang giant billboards, post on social media, create content marketing and interactive gags, and more.

To get people into the tent, to watch a show, engage with media, listen to a podcast or just change behavior, you must let people know what they are going to see.

But should it be blunt or subtle, artsy or not, slow or fast?  Every marketing pro has their own way of doing things. Some live by the mantra, tease it…don’t tell it…but what are some of the other styles? How do you tell a story in 30 seconds? How can you tell a story in 3 seconds?

Making modern promos is all about telling stories that entice you to want more. Interactive marketing is about creating something that will get you entwined with the program but these are just two ways to get you into the tent.

How can PR help, what is the role of partnership in marketing, is there a different way to promote to TV and digital content? What are the innovations in the pipeline.

Next week at SCAD aTVfest, our panel of powerful promo executives span the spectrum, from TV news, sports and entertainment, to Kids TV and social and digital.

Barbara Blangiardi, from Fox Sports, Ron Hayes from NBC Universal, Jill Hotchkiss from Disney Worldwide, Rick Lewchuk from CNN Global and Jeff Katz from DEFINITION 6.