The TL;DR March 26, 2018

This week we’re talking about Snapchat updates, Instagram business profiles, and digital marketing trends for 2018.

Snapchat released two new location based ad options

As Snapchat continues to push growth and try to maximize income, they’ve added two new ad targeting options for brands. You can read the full article here.


  • Location Categories: Advertisers are now able to target users based on the types of locations they are visiting. For example, a swimwear brand can target users who are at a beach or a movie studio can reach out to them at a theater. Now brands don’t need specific addresses to reach potential customers at highly specialized locations.
  • Radius Targeting: This feature allows advertisers to add or exclude a particular radius around an address, place of interest, city or more. This allows brands to target users based on activity and offer then more tailored marketing and deals.
  • Foot Traffic Insights: This new feature can provide brands with insights on their in-store visitors or are also Snapchat users. This includes demographic data and more. It’s currently in beta testing with a few select brands.

6 Reasons to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

It can be easy to wonder whether or not an Instagram Business Profile is worth the switch. Here are six reasons why it is. You can read the full article on Social Media Today.


  1. You can schedule posts ahead of time: Unlike with a personal account, you can schedule posts ahead of time through tools like Hootsuite if you have a business profile. This will make content creation and posting much more streamlined and save you time.
  2. Performance is trackable with Instagram Insights: As a business profile, you can get a much richer look at how content is actually performing thanks to the addition of Instagram Insights. This allows you to know what works and help you create better content.
  3. You’re able to add links to stories: Everyone knows you can’t add links to Instagram posts, but now Instagram allows business accounts with 10,000 or more profiles to add links to Stories. Not only does this let you create engaging, fun content for your audience, it also means you can link them somewhere relevant and drive towards other brand goals.
  4. You can grow reach with ads & boosted content: Business profiles have access to ads and boosted posts, giving you more tools to reach your audience. Setting up and running Instagram ads is easy – it works the same way it does with Facebook. Instagram users are also very likely to take an action after being served a well targeted ad.
  5. Shoppable posts can help you make money: Like ads, shoppable posts are only available to business profiles. These posts allow you to tag up to five products per image (or twenty per carousel), ad filters or captions, and link to a page on their site where users can purchase the products.
  6. Grow using all of Instagram’s features: Instagram is constantly adding new features and ways to maximize engagement, and often times business profiles get to try them first. Having a business profile grants you access to more tools.

21 Digital Marketing Trends To Consider For 2018

Digital marketing is constantly changing so it’s important to know what trends are coming and what should be invested in. The infographic below can help, found on Social Media Today.