The TL;DR March 5, 2018

TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re talking about Facebook Custom Audiences, Instagram Stories, and Millennials vs Generation Z.

5 Facebook Custom Audiences You Should Have

With social networks going more towards paid, custom audiences are even more important than ever before. Here are 5 custom audiences every brand should make on Facebook. You can read the full article here.


  1. Customer File Audience: The audience essentially lets you match a variety of pieces of data to an audience on Facebook. A brand can use their email list, loyalty database, or more to create an audience familiar with your brand. This can be useful for creating a list for remarketing or for creating an audience that should be excluded from awareness campaigns.
  2. Website Traffic Audience: Using Facebook Pixel, you can create an audience that’s made up of people who have visited your sits and taken specific actions. You can target time spent on the site, specific web pages, and people who have taken actions like filling out a form or conducting a search.
  3. Video Engagement Audience: This audience is one of the cheapest to create and is made by selecting people who have watched your videos for a specific length of time. This is a great way to target users with a series or who express interest in particular types of content.
  4. Facebook Page Engagement Audience: This audience allows you to target people that have interacted with your page via comments, visits, likes and more. A page engagement audience allows you to communicate with people who are familiar with your brand and re-engage them.
  5. Warm Saved Audience: This audience is created by combining all of your custom audiences into one large group. This allows you get more bang for your buck by targeting a large group of people who have expressed interest in your brand.

9 Ways To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some reasons why your business should be using them as well as some ideas on how. You can read the full article here.


  • Why you should be using Instagram Stories:
    • Ephemeral Content is Unique: By its nature, temporary content is often received as more authentic and spontaneous. This can really help an audience feel like they’re getting to know a brand.
    • It’s Low Effort: Since story content doesn’t take as much time to make, there’s more opportunity to experiment and have fun, which can endear and audience to a brand.
    • Lots of Features: With the ability to draw, use stickers, add gifs or polls, and so much more, this content can be a lot more versatile and interactive.
    • 24 Hours At The Top of Feed: Stories are a great way to combat constantly changing algorithms.
  • Nine Story Ideas:
    1. Test Ideas: If you have an idea for your brand that you aren’t sure of but want to try, Instagram Stories are a great way to do this thanks to their temporary nature. You can see how an idea resonates with your audience.
    2. Create “episodes”: Since Stories are temporary and change daily, they’re a great way to keep your audience coming back with a continuous storyline that updates each day.
    3. Upload UGC: UGC can work wonders for a brand but you don’t always want to share a dozen pieces of UGC on your main page. Uploading UGC to Stories is a great way to share this content.
    4. Use Location Tags: Using location tags on Instagram Stories will help you get discovered in your area – so keep them updated.
    5. Mention a Partner Brand or Customer: Stories are a great way to do a shout out to a special customer or partner brand without having to share it on your page.
    6. Have Contests or Giveaways: A contest on Stories is a great way to reward your most loyal customers. They’ll feel like they’re in on something and be more likely to participate.
    7. Show Case Studies: Sometimes the informal environment of Stories is the perfect place to show of company work without having to create a long, drawn-out video or webpage.
    8. Drive Traffic to Your Site: You can build anticipation for an event, launch, or sale by sharing it on Stories and directing watchers to your site for more info. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can also add a link to your story.
    9. Show What’s Happening in the Background: Stories are a great way to give your audience a view into what happens behind-the-scenes of your company. It can improve brand affection and help humanize your company.

Millennials vs Generation Z

Generation Z and Millennials are often lumped into the same category – but there are several important differences between the two. The infographic below, found on Social Media Today, highlights some of these differences.