The TL;DR May 7, 2018

This week we’re talking about Instagram updates, Facebook’s algorithm, and Influencer marketing. 

5 New Features Being Tested on Instagram

Instagram is always innovating – and these five new features are sure to be welcome additions to the platform. Read the full article here.


  1. Slow Motion Mode: The platform is testing the option to add shoot video in slow-mo within Stories. This adds even more room for creativity for users.
  2. Mute Profiles: Similar to Facebook’s “unfollow” option, Instagram is now testing the option to let users stop seeing an account in their feed without unfollowing the poster. As this tool is popular on many other networks, it will likely do well on Instagram.
  3. Stories Calendar: Not sure when you posted your Stories or what days you posted specific ones? Soon you’ll be able to view all of your Stories in a helpful calendar layout.
  4. Stories Reactions: Soon you’ll be able to do more than just DM or vote on polls in Stories – you’ll be able to react with a selection of emojis similarly to how you can react on Facebook.
  5. Tagging Facebook Friends: In a further integration of the two platforms, Instagram is testing the ability to tag Facebook friends in Instagram posts. They’ll then get a notification on Facebook that they’ve been tagged.

How Facebook’s News Feed Works and What’s Coming Next

Facebook recently held their F8 conference, and each year their VP of News Feed, Adam Mosseri, gives an overview of how the algorithm is currently working and what tweaks they’re making to it. Here’s a quick look at the current status and what’s to come. You can read the full article here


  • Current Status: Facebook’s algorithm is focused on meaningful connections rather than enticing users to spend more time on the platform. Here are the four factors that affect post placement in your news feed:
    • Inventory: This is the entire collection of content you could be shown, based on people and Pages you follow and what you haven’t seen yet.
    • Signals: The algorithm assesses each of these stories based on a range of signals that tell the platform how important the item will likely be to you. It asks questions like ‘When was this posted’, ‘Who posted it?’, ‘Do you tend to like and comment on posts like this’, etc.
    • Predictions: Based on the answers to the questions asked in the signaling phase, the algorithm predicts how likely you are to comment/like/share any given story. They also measure how likely you are to report or hide a story. Once those predictions are made, it’s on to the next phase.
    • Score: Taking all of the above factors into account, Facebook awards each piece of content a numerical score. The higher the number, the more valuable the platform thinks the content will be to you. Posts are then ranked from highest to lowest in your feed.
  • Upcoming Changes: Here are a few things Facebook intends to focus on in 2018.
    • Stories: Facebook is making many updates and tweaks to Stories in an effort to get people to utilize them more. They’re working on making four new Story types:
      • Profile Pictures: As those perform best in-feed, Facebook wants to capitalize on them for Stories.
      • Birthday Stories: This would allow users to compile birthday wishes via video to friends.
      • Group Stories: Facebook is already experimenting with these by allowing group members to contribute to a single Story feed.
      • Event Stories: Similar to Snapchat, Facebook wants to make it possible for users at an event to all contribute to the same Story.
    • Engagement Boosting via Improved Comments: Facebook is working on several ways to tweak the comment section of posts to better promote civility. This includes promoting friends’ comments to the top and creating separate tabs in comment threads for friends versus public comments.

Getting the Most Out of Your Influencer Program

Influencer marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your strategy. See the full article here.