What We Learned at the Digital Hollywood VR/AR ThinkTank

A few things we Learned at the Digital Hollywood “VR/AR ThinkTank” at The Media Summit in NYC on March 7th, 2018


Joanna Popper: HP

Aaron Luber: Google

Lora Feinman: Jaunt

Frank Radice: DEFINITION 6

Jason Farkas: CNN

Everyone agreed that we would not refer to VR/AR/MR and all other combinations of VR like letters anymore…instead we will refer to them collectively as…

  • Immersive Computing
  • Immersive Media

A step beyond…the industry will eventually have to create

  • IC without glasses

But until then, pay attention to the next steps that will include…

  • Connected immersive headsets (not mobile/not wired) and more 180 video content and distribution
  • Expect to see more VR news coverage of mega events

Eg. live global coverage of the solar eclipse…or intense immersive content from the world’s hot spots

  • Expect to see a growth of place based locations to experience Immersive Computing in a public space as entertainment or brand extension
  • Expect to see more IC branding across platform between brand, IC and/or client, creator, and distributor. Also, new ways to think about data, marketing and sales

Sports and games, medical, mechanical, pragmatic, and entertainment, are verticals that will remain strong on Mobile Immersive Video (MIV) but everyone is out there endeavoring to build a better mousetrap (Think Magic Leap, or Microsoft) so expect to see a lot of competitive innovation and expect a lot more AR (that’s much more than Pokémon Go.)

The state of Immersive Computing is strong.

Ready Player One!