DEFINITION 6 – The Name, The Number, The Next Big Thing

For over 20 years, one question I often get is “So what’s with the name?”. The name DEFINITION 6 embodies our brand. When the company launched, the industry was changing, and we were at the forefront of something big. A single word defined the future: “Transformation.” As leaders and catalysts and solutionists for the digital age, we embraced the dictionary’s sixth definition to change and make better

From day one DEFINITION 6 has provided our clients with innovative and proven communication strategies. In 1997, we helped Coca-Cola envision how the internet would transform their marketing effectiveness. In 2009, we teamed up with the best in broadcast promotion to transform our storytelling. And in 2012, Synaptic Digital became a DEFINITION 6 company, to produce and distribute our client’s content on radio, television and social media.

Now, after six years of successful collaboration and unparalleled performance, we have decided to make it official. Synaptic Digital is rebranding as DEFINITION 6.

A lot has changed since our first intranet build-out, but one thing hasn’t changed at all: we are driven to deliver content that moves audiences. For our clients and our partners, the name DEFINITION 6 has always promised transformative results.

So how do we move audiences? We create memorable, measurable work for this “Right Here, Right Now” generation. And we do it together.