The TL;DR April 23, 2018

The week we’re talking about Facebook’s new video formats, how to get people further down the ad funnel, and ten ways to better utilize carousels on Instagram.

Facebook Tests Out New Video Formats

In it’s continuing quest to keep visitors on its platform, Facebook is currently testing out a couple of new video formats – Premieres & Watch Parties. You can read the full article here


  • Both content types aim to promote communal viewing, though in different ways.
  • Premieres: Premieres will allow approved content creators to publish pre-recorded videos on a platform similar to Facebook live. The video will have already been recorded, but viewers will be able to react and talk in real time about the content. To eliminate confusion, these videos will be marked as “Premieres”. This will work well for trailers, announcements, or other time-sensitive content.
  • Watch Party: This feature is for group admins – they can share public video content with their groups. The groups can then comment and react in real time, creating a more collaborative, communal experience for group members.

7 Proven Tactics to Feed Your Ad Funnel

It can be difficult to continue thinking of content that will entice users to go further into your funnel. These seven tactics should help. Read the full article here.


  1. Research Reports: Information is powerful, especially in the age of consumer mistrust in brands. If your company is able to conduct original research that uncovers stats and statistics that help your brand goals, you have great content at your fingertips.
  2. Quizzes & Interactive Content: Almost no one can resist a quiz, and they provide brands two great benefits – they’re shareable and they collect data. Users have fun taking quizzes and sharing them, and your brand is able to learn more about your audience and create a better-informed strategy going forward. It’s a win-win situation.
  3. Infographics: The infographic is a powerful way to draw eyes and disseminate information. Viewers love a good infographic and they offer a great opportunity to show off your brand’s knowledge and expertise. They’re also highly shareable.
  4. Lists, Checklists, and Cheat Sheets: People love lists or cheat sheets on how to achieve their goals. They hold them accountable and provide guidance. Offering these items in a way that relates to your product or vertical will go a long way to helping consumers view you as a brand they trust.
  5. How-To’s: Providing free how-to’s on topics related to your brand is a great way to build trust with your audience. It also exposes them to your product heavily so they’ll remember it when the time comes. These also offer great SEO performance.
  6. Tools & Templates: If your brand is the type that educates people or offers a service, providing templates and tools that tie-in with your product is a great way to expose potential customers to what your brand can do. Consider tools, templates, or generators that are related to your specialty but don’t give all the benefits up front. Users may use only the free offerings for a while, but oftentimes they’ll upgrade to the full service.
  7. Video: Video isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Creating interesting and engaging video content can help users continue to interact with your brand.

10 Ways to Use Instagram’s Carousel Capability

Instagram continues to grow as a platform, so brands are continuing to be challenged to create new and innovative content. Below you’ll find ten ideas for how to maximize carousel capabilities. Read the full article here.


  1. Teach Your Audience: If your product requires some knowledge to use or has a learning curve, Instagram carousels are a great way to share that information with your users. For example,Legosometimes shows followers how to build things with their blocks.
  2. Show Viewers Something Unique: People love seeing things they don’t normally have access to. Consider showing them how your product is made, or behind-the-scenes at your brand’s HQ. This not only humanizes your brand, it can also helps consumers feel like they’re in on a secret.
  3. Showcase the Best Moment of a Past Event: Customers want to be a part of the action. If your brand hosts, sponsors, or participates in events, share images of those events with consumers. Along with live-posting events and sharing them on stories, gather the highlights in a carousel after the fact.
  4. Highlight the Importance of an Upcoming Event: Following showing off past events, sharing what’s coming up is a great way to create content. For example, if your brand sponsors a sports tournament, showcase athletes training and preparing for the event to build anticipation and excitement.
  5. Feature Your Products: If your brand offers e-commerce, show off your products on Instagram. This type of content actually performs pretty well if it’s well-crafted visually. Shoppable posts can offer an even deeper level of engagement for your brand.
  6. Compare a Before & After: Few things are as striking as a dramatic before and after comparison. If your brand or product make a huge change in something or someone visually, share it on Instagram using a carousel to show how much of a difference your brand can make.
  7. Demonstrate Growth Over Time: Similar to a before and after, people enjoy stories that show change and growth. If your brand helps someone (or something) grow and improve over time, this gives you a great opportunity to share engaging content. Start at the beginning and then use consecutive images to show how the subject changed.
  8. Create a Panorama: Everyone loves these stunning photos, but Instagram does not allow users to post them as a single image. Carousels give you a way to “hack” the platform and show off these great images.
  9. Test User Knowledge: Users enjoy the challenge of fun quizzes and trivia questions and they also provide a lot of engagement. Consider testing trivia questions or polls in your content to give your audience something to look forward to – this also works great for Instagram Stories.
  10. Tell a Story Through Video: Instagram cuts off individual video after 60 seconds, but in a carousel each individual video shared can be a minute long. This gives you the opportunity to tell a 10-minute story on the platform rather than a 1-minute one.