The TL;DR April 30, 2018

This week we’re covering new Snapchat ads, Instagram Stories, and social media algorithms.

Snapchat Tests Unskippable Ads:

As it works to keep up with the other social platforms, Snapchat is testing unskippable 6-second ads. Read the full article here.


  • The ads are being tested on their TV-like shows. They’re currently calling them commercials.
  • The ads will not appear in Discover or personal stories.
  • Tests are supposed to start around May 15th.
  • While the move goes against its previous position on advertising, Snapchat is likely testing it to try and make up for its difficult first year as a publicly held company.
  • The brand anticipates some backlash as users get used to it but seems optimistic that viewers will adjust.

4 Ways to Get Your Instagram Story to the Top

Instagram Stories are an incredibly popular social media tool – but are you doing things that could keep your brand’s stories from showing up? Here are four tips to keep you at the top. Read the full story here.


  1. Quality Over Quantity: While several factors determine the order of stories on a user’s feed, Instagram places importance on two unexpected elements. If a user rarely posts a story, they will get shown higher in the order. If someone just followed an account, Instagram will place that account earlier in their stories to see how likely they are to watch it. If you consistently gain new followers and post quality content, your brand is more likely to be seen.
  2. Don’t Post More Than 4-6x/Day: The longer your stories are the less likely a user is to watch the entire thing. If people consistently tap out of your stories before the end, the algorithm will take that into account.
  3. Include Hashtags and Locations: Since users can now follow hashtags, using appropriate ones for your content can cause your stories to be showcased more often. Location works in a similar way, making it easier for people to find content that’s relevant to them. More views means your stories are placed higher in the order.
  4. Live Stream…Occasionally: Live streams get pushed to the front of the story feed, and Instagram often puts your story next to your live stream, giving you a double boost. Obviously don’t over live stream as users will fatigue of the content, but it’s a good idea to go live once or twice a month.

A Guide to Social Media Algorithms

Algorithms rule the social space, and keeping up with them is difficult. While they are constantly changing, this guide will help give you a general idea of how each platform determines what to show to who and when to show it. You can read the full article here.