Virtual Reality Bars: The Next Big Thing?

Tossing back your favorite cocktail while flying through space in a tricked out spaceship sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this has become a reality in cities around the world.

Bars, lounges, and even nightclubs across the US have started using virtual reality (VR) to attract millennials with an elevated drinking experience, that mixes VR technology with cocktails and food in a setting that’s similar to a karaoke bar with private areas.

The concept behind these venues is fairly simple. A customer will typically rent a private room which comes with a VR headset, VR gloves, and a large display, so those outside of the VR headset can see what the player is experiencing. These venues are the perfect spot for an after-work happy hour, birthday party and even a romantic date.

Cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and New York are among some of the first to adopt this growing trend that is sweeping the country. Revery, the nation’s first full bar to incorporate the virtual reality technology opened in December 2017 in Atlanta, GA. Its concept is very similar to a modern-day karaoke bar. Customers can connect with friends, drink, and dance to live music in the main area. Then, when you are ready, you are escorted to your private room where you can choose your VR experience.

As millennials continue to flock to these type experiences, experts are predicting to see even more bars, clubs, and restaurants experiment with VR technology in the comings years.