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This week we’re talking about Instagram’s new emoji slider, social media tips from influencers, and how to come up with innovative ideas for an influencer marketing campaign.

Instagram Adds New “Emoji Slider” to Stories

As they continue to expand their Story offerings, Instagram announced the addition of an “Emoji Slider” to Stories. You can read more here.


  • The option is a fun new way to engage and it can allow for more nuanced responses to polls and questions.
  • Rather than a typical poll, which requires users to choose one answer or another, an emoji slider provides the opportunity for users to respond on a scale.
  • Users will be able to see other peoples’ votes and the overall rating of an image will be an average of all votes.
  • This provides great opportunities for brands, as they can post a product or an idea and get a sense of how the audience truly feels about it.
  • It’s not only fun, it could be very useful for providing audience insights.
  • The sticker is not yet available to all users, but should be soon.

5 Social Marketing Tips That Businesses Can Take From Influencers

Influencers know how to engage their audiences in ways that businesses often struggle with. These five tips can help give your business a leg up in the social space. You can read the full article here.


  1. Nail Your Aesthetic: Having a signature look can help your brand stand apart from the crowd. Whether you focus on a certain color palette, have a logo on every image, or only post certain types of content, make sure you have a consistent look.
  2. Stay Curious: Dig into your analytics, garner information from Story polls, and stay on top of changes in social to make sure you make the most of the information available to you.
  3. Think Native: Create content designed specifically for the channel you’re posting on rather than constantly trying to utilize the same assets across multiple channels.
  4. Work With The Algorithm: Make sure you’re creating content that suits the algorithm and that you’re engaging when it’s most beneficial to your content. Often, the first hour or so after something is posted is most important, so if you receive comments in this time engage with them and keep the conversation going.
  5. Don’t Wait Until You’re a Professional Film Maker: Video is king, but you don’t have to be an Oscar-worthy filmmaker to create good video content. Get familiar with your phone’s camera, in-app tools, and easy-to-learn film software. Having video content that’s occasionally a little rough around the edges is better than not having video at all.

10 Influencer Strategies to Use

Influencers aren’t going away any time soon. This infographic can help you think of ten innovative ways to use them to keep audiences engaged. Read more on Social Media Today.