VR is Dead (again)

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to suggest a completely plausible defense for such a statement.

  • The headgear is uncomfortable
  • There isn’t that much good stuff to watch
  • I get headaches when I wear the goggles for too long 
  • It’s only good for gamers 

You get the drift, so I’ll stop there, at the risk of sounding like my parents.

But if all that’s true, why did the UK recently announce 33 Million GBP in funding for Immersive Tech?

Why did critical information, analytics and solutions source, IHS Markit, report that the global market for content and Apps grew 72 percent, reaching $3.2 Billion in 2017?

Why would a company the size of Google open VR180 to hardware-makers and developers if the future really is so bleak?

Oculus Go is out now, PLEX is bringing its VR App to Gear VR, “Ready Player One” is a smash hit movie (not really using VR but it is a critical cast member), Amazon announced that it was making some of its Emmy entries available in an Immersive experience, and NBC Universal announced its betting big on location based experiential VR.

In fact, there is a movement out there in the place-based arena for VR tech. The Void is doing some amazing things, HP is using VR on location, and theaters for VR are popping up all over the world.

While discussing VR, Apple’s Tim Cook said, “it’s technology that’s potentially as important as the iPhone.” Now there are reports that Apple is working on a wireless headset for both VR and AR.

So, where is immersive technology headed?

Feature films, theme parks, music videos, television, social media, sales tools, education, medical, training, gaming, sports, live immersive theater experiences, and these are just a few things that come to mind.

But smarter people than I will surely pave the way forward.

So join me, and a few of those “Smarter” People, at the Digital Hollywood “Immersive Media Think Tank” in L.A. at the Skirball Cultural Center on May 23rd at 1pm PT.

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