One Year Back in #AgencyLife

In May, I hit the one-year mark working at DEFINITION 6. The time flew. I had spent my early career on the agency side, at DEFINITION 6 in fact. I had spent that time focused on resource management first as a Traffic Manager then working my way up to VP Operations, but always solely focused on the ever-evolving puzzle of how to ensure our resources were busy working on the right projects to deliver the best works for our clients while staying fulfilled in their daily work. It was an intense time of my career – working way too many hours and learning a ton about operations internally as well as the marketing work we did for our clients.

I spent eleven years away from D6 and agency life – managing a delivery organization, being a marketing consultant, being a social strategy consultant, running marketing for a fledgling gamified learning software business and leading a global digital marketing education program called Digital IQ at The Coca-Cola Company. So I have been client-side, agency-side and several hybrid roles in between. When I started considering a change back to the agency side last year, I simply was not sure if it would be a fit for me. One year later, I’m happy to report that is has been a momentous change in my life. And here are a few brief reflections on why:

  • D6 is brimming with smart people who are hungry to learn more and help our clients win in their businesses, every single day. We have an inspired workforce who are interested in so many different things. My knowledge and interests have expanded as a result. (e.g., How was I not watching The Handmaid’s Tale already??)
  • The pace is fast. We can decide we need something and pull the trigger on making it so within hours or days, not months or years. I enjoy this nimbleness. I sometimes felt stifled on the brand side with the glacial pace of decisions and work. Six months to get a Master Services Agreement signed? No thank you!
  • The hours are longer…but they sure do fly by. I have mixed feelings about this, but it is true.
  • We have dogs and/or puppies in the office most days; they are a great stress reliever. And these furry friends serve as a reminder to us all to not take things so seriously all the time. Sometimes a good doggie snuggle can solve all the day’s problems.
  • Who knew business development could be so great? I get to learn about so many different companies and businesses, meet interesting people, work to craft the right solution for them, and I’m not responsible for the delivery of all that work like I was for so many years, but I completely trust those in the organization who are. Besides, it’s super fun to win pitches!

Am I glad I made the switch from the brand side to the agency side one year ago? In short, yes. And I’m looking forward to more days ahead full of inspiration, quick decision-making, new industry acquaintances, helping clients win, and puppy therapy.