The TL;DR June 11th 2018

This week we’re talking about Instagram’s algorithm, an Instagram Stories update, and what not to do on social media.

How to Use Instagram’s Algorithm to Your Brand’s Advantage:

Instagram recently provided some insight into their algorithm including key factors, variables, and more. You can read the full article on Social Media Today.


  1. Post Consistently: One of the easiest ways to make sure your content is seen is to post consistently. While you don’t necessarily need to post daily, try posting at least three a week to stay relevant.
  2. Post with Purpose and Intention: Make your content meaningful. Add value and build genuine connection with your audience. Aim for engagement and focus on building real relationships beyond your product.
  3. Strive for Engagement: Authentic engagement makes all the difference – the more engagement content has, the higher it will show up in the algorithm. Ask open ended questions, encourage followers to tag your brand where appropriate, and interact with your audience’s posts too.
  4. Know Your Audience: Really get to know your audience. Ask them questions using Stories polls, ask questions in your feed, and send out surveys when appropriate.
  5. Have a Plan: Having a solid plan helps ensure that your content meets all of the points listed above on a consistent basis, and helps followers know what to expect.

Instagram Rolls Out ‘@mention sharing”:

Instagram has rolled out another update to Stories – this time allowing users to immediately re-share posts they’ve been tagged in. Read on to find out how this could affect business accounts. You can read the full article here.


  • Now when someone tags you or your brand in their story, you’ll receive a notification that you were featured. You now have the option to immediately reshare it to your own story.
  • Users are able to add creative tools like stickers or text to this content as well, further personalizing it.
  • When a post is re-shared in your story, the username of the original account who shared it will be in the corner, offering more exposure for the original account as well.
  • This update can provide a new opportunity for gathering and sharing UGC, allowing brands to tell users they have a chance to be featured on the brand’s official Instagram Story.
  • This also makes influencer partnerships easier, as influencers can tag the brand they’re working with and the brand can immediately re-share the content.

What Brands Shouldn’t Do On Social (And What to Do Instead)

Social media seldom stays the same for long, but some best practices never change. Here a few things not to do on social and a few things to do instead. You read a little more on Social Media Today.