The TL;DR July 23, 2018

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This week we’re covering Facebook’s ad transparency tools, researching on Reddit, and why people unfollow on Twitter.

4 Ways Facebook’s Ad Transparency Tools Are Good For Marketers

Facebook’s new ad transparency tools aren’t just good for consumers – they’re good for marketers too. Read on to find out how it affects marketers. You can see the full article here.


  1. Find out your competition’s Facebook strategy: This is the most obvious benefit of the new tools. Now you’ll know exactly what ads your competitors are currently running. Since you’re likely targeting the same audience, this gives you the opportunity to see how you can make your ads stand apart. While you can’t see ad performance or spend, you can at least see what part of the funnel competitors are focusing on. This capability ads a whole new layer to the competitive analysis process.
  2. Get inspired by other ads: Previously it was quite difficult to find inspiration for Facebook ads, as it was much harder to find the best ones. Now you’re able to look at best-in-class brands and see what they’re doing. This can help inspire you to create more innovative content for your own brands.
  3. Build trust with your audience: Now that users can see every ad they’re running, it’s easy for them to know that the ads you’re running are legitimate and authentic. As long as your company is playing by the rules, these new tools can only help you.
  4. Numbers won’t be skewed: One concern marketers have with the new ad transparency tools is that they will affect metrics. Thankfully, Facebook only allows users to see ads via this tool – they are not able to interact with them at all. This means that performance numbers that won’t be affected by users checking out the ads your brand is running.

How to Discover Irresistible Content Ideas Using Reddit

Though Reddit is the 6th most popular website on the planet, it’s often overlooked as both a resource and a fountain of inspiration.  These 5 steps will help you learn how to mine Reddit for ideas. Read the full article on Buffer.


  1. Find the most relevant subreddits: With over 1.2 million subreddits, it’s important to find the right ones. Type your keyword in the search bar and check out all the subreddits that resonate with what you want to create.
  2. Look for people sharing their struggles: People want content that helps them solve a problem – or empathizes with them. Reddit is often where people go for help and information. Look for phrases that indicate someone is struggling with something. Once you find something that matches your expertise, it’s time for step three.
  3. Go deeper: Whatever struggle you settle on, dig deeper into what you can learn more about. See what issues are related to the core issue, see what solutions have worked for others, and see what solutions have failed. When you understand this information, you’ll create more effective content.
  4. Create your content: Now it’s time to turn all that great information into a piece of content. Think about how you can repurpose each idea from the blog post to drive more ROI for your business. Consider what can be turned into social posts, videos, or Facebook live sessions.

Come back to share: Once you’ve shared your content on all your usual places, go back to Reddit and share it with the people that inspired it. This can help even more people see your content and potentially grow your audience. The best part is this is a process you can do over and over again to make sure you’re consistently creating authentic content that users want.

15 Twitter Stats That Show Why People Unfollow You

The reasons people unfollow on social media are as varied as social media itself. DK New Media recently shared the most common reasons people unfollow. You can check out how they all rank in the infographic below or visit Social Media Today to see more.

Infographic citing reasons why accounts are unfollowed on Twitter