The TL;DR July 9, 2018

TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing Instagram’s new tools, how to succeed on Facebook, and how to create chemistry with your customers.

Instagram Rolls Out New Tools & Tests

In an effort to help ensure that time users spend on Instagram is “time well spent”, Instagram has rolled out some new features and tests. This is in-line with parent company Facebook’s larger focus for the year. You can read the full article here.


  • All Caught Up: This new feature informs users of when they’re seen all the new content posted by profiles they follow. The addition will lessen the amount of time users spend scrolling content they’ve already seen.
  • Usage Insights: Currently in testing, this feature would tell users how long they spend on the app, likely providing insight to over-users of just how much time they’re spending on Instagram.
  • Do Not Disturb: This feature, being tested on both Facebook and Instagram, would allow users to mute notifications from either app for a certain, pre-set period of time.

4 Ways to Maintain Facebook Performance Post-Algorithm Shift

By now everyone is familiar with the effects of Facebook’s big algorithm shift in January. As Facebook continues to focus on friend interactions and “meaningful connection”, how does a brand maintain performance? These four ideas can help. Read the full article here.


  1. Find Your Voice: Consider who your brand would be as a person, not a company. Embrace that personality and use it consistently as you engage with fans, just as you would with friends and family on your personal page. For inspiration, check out MoonPieMerriam-Webster, andT. Still University.
  2. Nurture Brand Champions: Find your brand’s inner circle and engage them. Look for the people who are deeply invested in the success of your brand and authentically enjoy it. Once you identify them, speak to them and let them know how much you appreciate their continued engagement. Then see if they’ll invite their friends to like your page or continue to consistently share content.
  3. Activate Your Influencers: You may find that some of your brand champions have large followings. Consider featuring them on your page and let them know when you do. Maybe will appreciate being spotlighted and will be happy to engage with and share the content.
  4. Relationships are the New Reach: Instead of letting the numbers drive you crazy, focus on building meaningful relationships with the people that already follow you. Respond to comments in a genuine way and engage with your audience. Not only does this help your audience feel better about your grand, it ups your engagement and could affect your placement in the algorithm.

Create Amazing Chemistry with Your Customers

In today’s marketing landscape, relationships with customers are more important than ever. Here are nine ways to create better chemistry with your audience. You can find the full article here.