The TL;DR August 13, 2018

This week we’re talking about Facebook updates, Facebook Groups, and social media as a whole.

Facebook Introduces a Slew of New Updates

This past week Facebook announced several updates across groups, pages, and ads. Check out the break down below and read the full articles for mentorshipadmin security, and ad restrictions.


  1. Groups Mentorship: In an effort to help make groups even more valuable, Facebook has added the ability for group admins to connect members with mentors.
    • Admins set up mentorship programs within their groups by selecting a template for the type of mentorship. Some of these templates include career advancement, skill development, or support and encouragement.
    • Users can register themselves as a mentee and others can register themselves as mentors. Admins match people up.
    • Each mentorship stream comes with a program to guide users through the process.
    • Communications are visible only between the mentor and mentee.
  2. Page Manager Authorization: To help improve transparency and page security, Facebook is introducing new authentication for managers of ‘large’ pages.
    • Facebook has not yet released a definition for what qualifies as a “large” page.
    • Affected admins will be shown a banner at the top of the page they manage the instructs them to complete the authentication process.
    • The process includes two-factor authentication upon login and confirms their primary country of residence.
    • If admins do not complete the authentication by the deadline, they will no longer be able to manage the page.
    • This allows Facebook to better track page management and detect misuse.
    • Page visitors will now be able to see what countries page admins are from and how many are from that area.
  3. Ad Restrictions: To make Facebook ads safer and more ethical, the company has introduced several new restrictions on a variety of ad types.
    • Addiction Centers will be required to be certified byLegitScript, helping ensure they don’t participate in insurance scams or other harmful practices.
    • Bail bond companies are no longer allowed to advertise on Facebook.
    • Facebook has also elaborated on how they judge hate speech.

5 Ways Facebook Groups Can Help Marketers

With News Feed reach continuing to shrink for marketers, brands need to diversify their approach. Facebook groups offer a great, free way to do just that. Read why below and check out the full article here.


  1. Focus on Collaboration: Pages are often considered one-way streets when it comes to communication. Groups allow for open and equal discussion, which means people are more likely to participate actively.
  2. You Can Create New Groups: Pages can create groups, and if there’s a specific topic you’d love to discuss with your audience or something you’d like to promote, a group could be the right answer. This could be effective for product launches, challenges, or events.
  3. Or Join Something That Exists: While you can’t join a group as a Page, you are able to join as a user. This could give you the opportunity to learn more about your audience and see what gets them talking.
  4. Contribute to the Conversation: Don’t think of groups as just being another platform to push products – view them as an opportunity to get to know your audience and build up trust and loyalty with them. Participate in the conversation, engage in discussions, and talk to your fans.
  5. Bypass News Feed “Armageddon”: Since groups are engagement hubs, they aren’t going to take a penalty under the current algorithm. Members also get notifications for new posts and content in groups, meaning you can in some ways bypass the algorithm altogether. Be strategic, keep your engagement high, don’t spam, and you’ll likely find a lot of value in groups.

8 Fascinating Facts About Social Media Usage

Social media isn’t going away any time soon, and staying up to date on what’s happening across platforms is more important than ever. Check out the infographic below to find out more. Thank you to Social Media Today.