The TL;DR September 10, 2018

This week we’re talking about B2B content marketing, social media cover images, and improving your SEO rankings.

Improve the Performance of Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is essential for any online B2B strategy which is why constant testing and strategic tweaks are important. Find out four ways to improve your strategy below and read the full article on Social Media Today


  1. Revise site, blog, and social SEO strategy: SEO is a critical part of any campaign. Make sure your SEO strategy is up to date and refine your keywords. Keywords and rankings are constantly changing within any industry, so ensure that you know where you stand.
  2. Use company blogs strategically: Make sure that, along with thought leadership, your blog includes relevant content about the services or products that your company offers. You should also implement filters, tags, and a search system on your blog so users can find what they’re looking for quickly.
  3. Fill the sales funnel with content: Make sure you have and share content for every stage of the sales funnel – thought leadership for awareness, product descriptions for the consideration phase, and reviews for the decision phase.
  4. Have third-party content discuss technology: B2B audiences consume large quantities of content about technology. While content about small businesses and workplace issues do have their place, technological content is highly sought after. Filling this need will likely make your content more useful and shareable.

4 Ways to Better Use Cover Images on Social Profiles

Nearly all networks now offer customizable cover images at the top of your profile. Make sure you’re using this prime real estate well. You can read the full article here.


  1. Think of it as a virtual shop window: On city streets, shop windows often draw passerby in – use your social network the same way. Show some personality and give users an idea of what your company is about and what products they offer. Change your cover photo frequently and help users see what your company offers each season.
  2. Inspire action: Since the cover image is at the top of your page, you can use it to put a CTA front and center. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a pitch to join an email newsletter – consider getting creative and using it to inspire curiosity in viewers.
  3. Prime promotional space: If your company is launching a new product or offering a great promo, consider using this space to draw attention to the promo. Users will immediately know what’s new with your company. The cover photo might not always need to be a promo, but it’s a great place to put more importance on new product launches or big sales.
  4. Tell your story: Use the space to make a statement about your brand’s identity or story. Help your audience see your brand’s personality and find out what your brand is all about.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO Rank

While it’s hard to know the exact effect that social media has on your company’s Google ranking, social can certainly help you from an SEO perspective. Check out the infographic below and read the full post here.