The TL;DR October 29, 2018

This week we’ll be talking about Instagram’s biggest 2018 updates, lowering bounce rate on Instagram Stories, and social media mistakes that could be hurting your business.

The Instagram 2018 Updates You Need to Know About

Instagram has added a lot of features this year, but which ones are most important to your brand? Read on below to find out and check out the full article here.


  • IGTV: With people watching more and more long-form videos on mobile, it only made sense for Instagram to get in on the fun. Focused on vertical video, IGTV is a unique tool created for the mobile native. This is where your business goes to tell stories that feel authentic and real-time.
  • Ads in Stories: Stories came on the scene in November 2016 and have exploded since then. Considering the prime real estate provided by Stories and the sheer amount of users who view them, ads in Stories were a natural next step for Instagram. If you’re advertising on this platform, you should consider advertising here.
  • Shopping Tags: Shopping tags give you the opportunity to show off products in your posts and make it easy for users to see the price and potentially make a purchase right then. With the addition of shopping tags to Stories, it’s now easier than ever to drive sales on the platform. If you sell products that can be purchased online, you should be taking advantage of this feature.
  • Engagement Tools: By adding the emoji slider, polls, and questions to Stories, Instagram has now empowered brands to engage with their followers and gather feedback from them. Now you can find out exactly what products users prefer or get an idea for what they want to see from your brand. These tools have changed the face of Stories, and their widespread adoption by everyone makes them a must-use.
  • Instagram Verification: Though Instagram Verification is still limited to users with VERY large followers, it is now possible to apply for it. There is also more clarity around accounts who are verified. This added transparency helps users trust everyone on the platform more.
  • @Mention Sharing for Stories: Now if someone mentions you in their story, you’re able to easily re-post it to your story. This feature can really help your brand show love and appreciation for people who engage with you. In turn, when users see you sharing UGC, they’re more likely to submit it themselves. If someone tags your page in a positive way, there’s nothing to lose by sharing their content and spreading the love.
  • Hashtags in Profiles: By allowing users to add hashtags to your profile, it’s now easier than ever to let users know what hashtags to use to find your content. It also makes it easy to promote any UGC campaign hashtags you’re using, which can further the reach of your campaign. You can also check out competitors and see what hashtags they’re using to make sure you’re appearing where you need to be.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Instagram Stories

Stories are powerful, but they aren’t necessarily miracle workers on their own. While they often get lots of clicks, they get just as many clicks away. Read below to find out how to reduce bounce rate on your Stories and check out the full article here.


  • Run Story Ads: Though it’s easy to upload Stories organically, ads can help you build a stronger follower base and improve your performance. Since brands are slow at adopting Story ads, you won’t be competing with nearly as many people as you do in-feed.
  • Have a Call-To-Action: Make sure you’re telling viewers what to do once they’ve finished viewing your story. You can offer a limited time promo, tell them to visit your site, or simply tell them to go to your profile for more content; it all just depends on your specific goals.
  • Experiment With Video: As long as video is the best format for your idea, you should use it. Video is consistently proven to be incredibly engaging and give you more space to flesh out your campaign.
  • Interact With Your Audience: Make your Stories fun – make use of polls, sliders, and questions. Users love the chance to interact, and if they have fun when watching your Stories, they’ll stay longer and come back for more.
  • Harmonize With Brand Aesthetics: Users expect a certain look and feel from your brand. When creating content, make sure it matches what they’ve come to expect. While you can have more fun in Stories, be sure you’re still staying on brand.

12 Social Media Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Business

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