The TL;DR: October 8, 2018

This week we’re talking about Facebook updates to keep in mind in 2019, how Instagram has changed the world, and Holiday marketing in October.

11 Facebook Updates to Remember in 2019

Facebook has been making many updates lately and the platform has released a roundup of everything to keep in mind when planning for 2019. You can read the full article here.


  1. Shoppable Instagram Stories: You can create more interesting and engaging stories by adding product stickers. These provide product details and allow users to click through to the site to make a purchase.
  2. Augmented Reality Ads: These ad units allow users to interact with and visualize how products would look on them while keeping them in the Facebook platform.
  3. Facebook Stories Ads: Brands will soon be able to create new experiences via Facebook Stories.
  4. Playable Ads: These allow user to test out playing game apps without having to install them on their phones, giving them a chance to “try before they buy”.
  5. Page Recommendations: This is a small change, but Facebook recently changed “reviews” to “recommendations” so that users can better know what to expect when reading through them. It also adds a layer of transparency to the feedback.
  6. Redesigned Pages on Mobile: Facebook Pages have recently become more easy to navigate on mobile, which should drive more action.
  7. Video Metrics Update: Facebook made several updates to its video ad metrics to help provide more useful and accurate data.
  8. Self-Serve Brand Lift Test and Learn: The platform recently implemented new self-serve options to help test and understand how Facebook Ad campaigns affect the perception of your brand.
  9. Video Creation Kit: This tool allows brands to turn existing photo assets into mobile-optimized video, making it easier than ever to get video content on your page.
  10. Value-Based Lookalike Audiences: Facebook has recently added a new version of Lookalike Audiences that takes into account both online and offline behaviors, letting your audience be identified even more accurately.
  11. Value Optimization and Minimum ROAS Bidding: Advertisers now have the option to control the value a campaign generates by letting you set the lowest acceptable return on ad spend, making it even easier to optimize campaigns.

7 Ways Instagram Has Changed the World

Instagram is so ubiquitous it’s difficult to imagine a world without it. Read about seven ways that this platform has changed the world. Check out the full article on Social Media Today.


  1. It has diversified beauty standards: While Instagram has received criticism for having filtered, edited images, it has also given people access to a more diverse vision of beauty. With a wider range of images and people, Instagram allows users a better idea of what is normal and healthy.  
  2. It has changed travel: Now that users can see anywhere in the world at their fingertips, it is much easier to decide what to visit and to find inspiration for places to travel. It has also caused certain places to surge in popularity due to how well-suited they are for Instagram.
  3. Flat-lays have become a phenomenon: Artfully arranged, top-down shots have become massively popular on the platform, creating a distinct style for sharing product photography that appeals to users.
  4. Sparking new food trends: Thanks to Instagram, it’s become increasing popular for visually stunning food trends to take off. This has led to culinary innovation as well as lots of free marketing for the restaurants that offer these foods.
  5. It has created entire social brands: Savvy early adopters of the platform have been able to build entire brands on Instagram. Strategic use of influencers and feed-stopping imagery have helped shoot these brands into mainstream popularity.
  6. Activism has become mobilized: With the ability to post photos from protests, charity events, and other events, it’s become easier than ever to gain an understanding about what the world is invested in and mobilize people for causes.
  7. It has created a type of influencer: Instagram gave long-form influencers the ability to post short and sweet updates. This allowed them to publish bite-sized content that can be made more easily while allowing for more frequent conversation.

The Importance of Holiday Marketing in October

October may seem early to launch marketing for the holidays, but research shows that isn’t necessarily the case. Read the full post here.