4 Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

With 2018 coming to a close, most email marketing teams are already deep in the planning trenches gearing up for Q1 and Q2 of next year. As many of us saw, this year brought us advancements in automation, the tug of war between personalization and privacy, and the rise of the emoji subject line.

Sure enough, it looks like 2019 is going to be just as actioned-packed as 2018! Here are a few trends to keep an eye on going into the new year:

  1. The decline of purchased email lists

Purchasing an email list from a third party to market your brand is quickly becoming obsolete. Usually, lists are costly, and you can’t be 100% sure of what you’re going to get for your money. A worst-case scenario, you might receive a list full of old or inactive email addresses. List purchasing can always be a gamble, which is why you see many email marketers moving away from this practice and finding creative ways to reach new audiences.

  1. Virtual reality is the new normal

I know what you’re thinking – virtual reality seems like something you would only see in video games and movies. However, with so many mobile users obtaining devices with VR functionality, it’s not surprising that this type of email content has become a must-have for email marketers.

  1. Be casual

With millennials set to overtake baby boomers as the core consumer demographic in the U.S., customers and decision makers from the millennial generation have proven to be more laid back and less formal than their predecessors in communication methods.

As more millennials become key stakeholders in businesses and the largest pool of consumers in the U.S. market, email marketers will have to adapt how they “speak” to their audience in the coming years.

  1. Storytelling will continue to be key

Many times, email content quickly fades from a reader’s memory and having someone remember your email over a dozen others can be hard to do. If this past year has shown us anything, it’s story-based content is king. Email content that is memorable and creates emotional connections between your audience and your brand is a sure-fire way to have your email stand out against your competitors. There are many ways you can incorporate storytelling into your email marketing to give your audience a notable experience.  Today’s consumer audience appreciates personalization and the opportunity to connect emotionally with their favorite brands. These two practices have proven a to be very successful for many companies.

It’s always important that you stay up to date with emerging trends if you want your email marketing campaigns to be cutting edge. With the new year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to explore something new.