Agency Growth Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful (Here’s Our Secret)

Bringing our furry friends into the office has a reach that extends beyond the “cool” factor”. They also help relieve stress and build relationships, as our CEO Jeff Katz recently told the Atlanta Business Chronicle. “The dogs don’t know what department you are in and who you hang out with,” he explained, “[so] when a dog walks into someone’s cube and the owner follows, that [worker] and the [dog]owner start building a relationship that otherwise may not have happened.”   

Our pets are family at home, and we believe that sentiment should extend to the place where you spend the second largest (or possibly the largest) chunk of your time–work. The company pet policy has been refined over time to match the amount of growth experienced here, but the heart of the rules are simple: “Our policy is to be a good human and be a good dog.”