The TL;DR December 10th, 2018

This week we’re discussing Facebook and Instagram updates, bold predictions for digital marketing in 2019, and how to create effective infographics.

Facebook & Instagram Updates

It’s been a busy year for the two social platforms, and they show no signs of slowing down. Read more about Facebook’s comment quality feedback here, group stories here, and Instagram’s addition of close friends here.


  • Facebook Comment Quality Feedback:
    • In its continuing effort to encourage quality engagement, Facebook has been testing a variety of ways to give comment feedback.
    • Earlier this year they ran a few tests with an upvote and downvote option for comments.
    • Recently, users have started to see a new option – a scale that lets them rate a comment from very high quality to very low quality.
    • There is no word yet on how large the test is or if it will become a permanent fixture.
  • Facebook’s Group Stories:
    • Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out Group Stories to a limited number of regions. Now, this feature is available everywhere.
    • Users can easily add their images to the Group Story, where admins will approve or delete submitted content.
    • Users can then watch Group Stories and react quickly with a handful of emoji reactions.
  • Instagram’s Close Friends
    • Stories have long been successful for Instagram, but now they’re making it easier than ever for users to be selective with who sees their Stories.
    • Rather than requiring users to share with their entire followings or only hide Stories from specific people, users can now create a list of “Close Friends”.
    • Only users can see their Close Friends list and people cannot request to be added to this list.

7 Bold Predictions for Marketing in 2019

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at some potential marketing predictions for the coming year. You can read more here.


  1. The US will pass a data privacy bill: With data breaches becoming more common and the consequences more brazen, the US is going to have to do something about it. Two congressional committees are already drafting language for such a bill.
  2. Native advertising tech companies will surpass 550 worldwide: The native advertising tech landscape continues to grow, and this explosion will likely continue into 2019.
  3. There will be more arrests globally for ad fraud: Paid media is rife with ad fraud, and the FBI recently charged 8 people with fraud related to the ad industry.
  4. Amazon’s native ad revenue will grow faster than previously expected: Amazon is the second fastest growing advertising network behind Snapchat. Currently, Amazon’s sales are expected to grow 10%, but considering the large number of startups and entrepreneurs using the platform, that number could be much higher.
  5. The line between marketing and PR will continue to blur: With influencer marketing on the rise and sponsored content growing as well, PR and marketing are very quickly becoming one and the same. This will continue in 2019.
  6. Facebook’s US user base will decline: Considering recent data breaches and the prevalence of fake news and divisive political content on the platform, there’s a good chance users will continue to abandon it for other alternatives.
  7. Blockchain in advertising will become more apparent: Transparency in display advertising continues to be an issue, but blockchain can help combat that struggle.

8 Infographic Best Practices

If you do content marketing, infographics are bound to be part of your strategy. These tips below can help you make more effective ones. Found on Social Media Today.