The TL;DR December 3, 2018

This week we’ll be discussing YouTube stories, new Instagram findings, and the top graphic design trends to look out for in 2019.

YouTube Introduces Stories

Pretty much every social network these days has a “Stories” function, and YouTube has now added itself to the list. Find out more below and read the full article here.


  • YouTube announced last week that they will be adding a Stories function to the channel.
  • At launch, Stories will only be available to “eligible creators with 10K+ subscribers”, and not available to a larger audience.
  • Unlike other networks, YouTube Stories will last seven days in the app, rather than the much shorter 24-lifespan.
  • Stories will appear at the top of the YouTube app and are aimed at helping creators keep their subscribers in the loop with low-life, easy-to-create videos.
  • YouTube began testing this tool about a year ago but is only just now rolling it out.
  • There is no word yet on when or if YouTube Stories will become available to the general public.

6 New Instagram Findings

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today, and a recent report from Quintly shares some new Instagram insights. Read them below and check out the full article here.


  1. Videos generate up to 21.15% more interactions: Considering the push video has been seeing in recent years, this isn’t all that surprising. Even with such high performance, videos only make up 16.74% of Instagram posts.
  2. Bigger profiles are more likely to use video: While this isn’t necessarily a best practice, it is an interesting fact. The larger the account, the higher the percentage of content is made up of videos. This could be due in large part to larger accounts having access to more resources than smaller ones, but it is worth noting.
  3. Longer captions are more common, but shorter ones drive more engagement: It seems that even though Instagram allows ample room for captions, users don’t necessarily read them. 1-50 character count captions saw the most engagement on average. Consider working this into your strategy.
  4. Fewer hashtags are better: For a long time, it was considered necessary to have a massive cloud of hashtags to help make your content findable. According to this study, 1-3 hashtags are the sweet spot now.
  5. Emojis can spark response: Over half of Instagrammers (54.89%) don’t make use of emojis, but adding them in can improve engagement — even if it’s just one.
  6. Weekends see higher engagement: While most updates are posted on weekdays, weekends see more engagement — up to 22.29% more.

The Top Graphic Design Trends in 2019

Making your content stand out from the rest has always been a challenge, but staying on top of these graphic design trends can help. You can read more on Social Media Today.