Every year CES pulls in around 200 thousand people who want to see what’s new in tech, reconnect with old friends over a great Las Vegas meal, make a deal or two, and get away unscathed.

This year was no different. But unlike past years, there wasn’t a “killer” tech that took your breath away. The closest to a show stopper I’d say was the Bell 6 Fan Air Taxi.

Everyone was talking about 5G but it’s clearly not ready for prime time. And it seemed everywhere you looked there was another voice-activated device, and it wasn’t all Amazon and Google. I even saw a $200 plus diaper that alerts you when your kid pooed and peed…but wouldn’t you know that anyway?

Big TV’s were my thing. Over 100 inches and 4k resolution, bendable, foldable and rollable was all the rage. LG did it big with some great screens in one of the best visual setups on the floor. OLED All Day Long!

IOT and the connected home and AI were everywhere. Everything seemed to be “connected.”

New cameras from Nikon, Kodak, Canon, and Polaroid were demoed, and VR and AR and MR and XR (immersive media) continue to stir the imagination (in fact there were a lot of IM panels to watch this year). And SHARP announced a brand new pro 8K video production and post ecosystem.

Marijuana tech was a controversial trend (in a town with legal recreational weed). Drones were everywhere, and the tiny selfie drones were a big deal.

There were a lot of opportunities to try getting around in self-driving cars thanks to the ride-share companies and the auto makers who are betting big on the space.

There was no shortage of huge booths from the big players. Samsung and Sony came to play. And Google actually put up a 2 story building outside the convention center (in sight of a giant, not so subtle attack ad that Apple took out, posted on the side of a skyscraper).

Interesting that I wasn’t lured to any of the smartphone makers booths. To me, there are so many that seem to do the same things. But smartphone connection to IOT was a hit and there are now even more smart watches and wearables to fill a stadium. Industry party’s were also Vegas huge, as MediaLink kept up the tradition with a huge event that set the standard for networking.

But it’s all over now for the buyers, sellers and media, who are all seriously thinking about CES 2020.