The TL;DR January 14, 2019

6 min

This week we’ll be sharing some Instagram trends to try, how to maximize Instagram highlights, and social media trends to incorporate into your overall strategy.

5 Instagram Trends To Try This Year

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks right now, and new ideas are needed to keep your feed fresh. Check out these 5 ideas to try in 2019. You can read the full article on Social Media Today.


  1. Repurpose UGC: UGC drives higher engagement and builds trust in a brand, so if users post great content with your brand, share it in your feed! Just make sure you have their permission first.
  2. Make old techniques new with Nametags: With the addition of Nametags, Instagram has provided you with a great tool to freshen up your business cards, print ads, and storefront locations. Put Nametags wherever it makes sense, and give customers immediate access to your brand.
  3. Livestream with influencers: Rather than just doing posts or videos with your influencers, hop into a live stream together. Users get to interact with their favorite personalities while interacting with your brand at the same time. Livestreams also get bumped to the front of the Stories queue, making it easier than ever for people to find you.
  4. Boost engagement with stop-motion: Though a bit time consuming, stop-motion video is a great, feed-stopping way to share your content without requiring users to turn on sound. Get creative, have fun, and create something really unique.
  5. Get visual with podcasts: Podcasting is more popular than ever, but how can you make yours stand out? Do your podcast live on IGTV! Or share a snippet of the recording session to get users excited for the full episode to drop.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Highlights for Your Business

Instagram highlights offer prime real estate to show the best of your brand. If you’re having trouble maximizing the space, here are a few suggestions. You can find out more here.


  1. Create product collections: Whenever you launch a new product or product collection, create a highlight for it. This lets users know quickly what your brand is working on while also keeping your feed fresh.
  2. Share FAQs: Are there questions that keep coming up when it comes to your brand? Rather than forcing users to go to your site to find the answers, put them on your highlights and save them a few clicks.
  3. Post your favorite reviews: If you’ve got glowing reviews you want to share with your audience, Instagram highlights is the natural place to put them. Users are already investigating your brand if they’re on the page, and reviews make it even easier.
  4. Give a special behind-the-scenes look: Audiences always enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes content. Give them a taste of what your business is like behind closed doors by creating Instagram highlights.

5 Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice

Social is always changing, as are the best practices within it. Check out the infographic below to find five trends to make permanent fixtures to your strategy. Read more on Social Media Today.