The TL;DR January 28, 2019

6 min

This week we’re discussing Twitters “Original Tweeter” test, how to generate more reach on Facebook, and 20 digital marketing trends to keep your eye on.

Twitter Tests “Original Tweeter” Tag

Platforms are constantly updating to make things easier for users and to keep them on their sites. Twitter’s most recent test could have far-reaching effects on the platform. Read the full article on Social Media Today.


5 Ways to Generate More Reach on Facebook

It’s a tough time to be on Facebook, but there are always new ways to get more engagement on the platform. Check out five below and read the full article here.


  1. Post links in the first comment: While there isn’t necessarily definitive data on this, it stands to reason that since Facebook wants to keep users on its platform, posts with links in the body may not perform as well. Some brands are already trying this, and it could be an interesting experiment.
  2. Post engaging content between website links: Beef up your Page’s ranking in the algorithm by posting super engaging posts before you start sharing your own links. It can also be wise to consistently alternate between posting engaging content and links.
  3. Use Messenger Bots: Setting up bots can be daunting, but they can provide a useful avenue for people who may not engage with your Page itself. You can easily set up instant replies or frequently asked questions through Facebook and use a third-party service to help create more complicated bots.
  4. Try videos and going live: Videos have quickly become one of the most popular forms of content for users to consume, which makes them a no-brainer for driving engagement. Going live has the charm of videos with the added benefit of being pushed to the top of notifications or the feed.
  5. Boost posts: While we all wish social media still provided benefits at little to no cost, there is simply too much clutter to rely on organic performance alone. Even just putting a small sum behind high performing content can give you that little extra push you need to get more engagement and increase your visibility in your followers’ feeds.

20 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On

What techniques are you focusing on this year, and how do they line up with what you should be keeping an eye on? Find out in the infographic below, found on Social Media Today.