The TL;DR January 7, 2019

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As the new year begins, we’re talking about Pinterest’s Seasonal Insights Guide, what to do before hiring an influencer, and tips on visual marketing.

Pinterest Releases Seasonal Insights Guide for 2019

Ready to plan your 2019 Pinterest Strategy? Check out Pinterest’s 2019 Seasonal Insights Guide before you do. You can read the full article on Social Media Today.

The TL;DR:

5 Key Factors to Have In Place Before Contacting Influencers

Influencer strategy should be a part of your toolkit, but what things do you need to make sure you have in place before you reach out to influencers? Find out below and read the full article here.

The TL;DR:

  1. Determine your goals: What are you trying to do? Increase sales? Increase awareness? Answering this question will help you find the right match for your brand. It will also help you determine structure – like do you give influencers a discount code? Do they ask for UGC?
  2. Create influencer personas: Don’t just create a buyer persona. Create a persona of the types of influencers your buyers would follow. This will make the selection process much easier.
  3. Analyze digital footprints: Figure out what social networks work best for your brand and find influencers that are also successful on those platforms. You should also consider finding influencers with a strong blog presence.
  4. Choose a thematic element: Find a theme for your campaign to help offer your influencer direction that isn’t overly limiting. For example, if you’re a food brand, focus the campaign around new recipes. If you’re a home decor brand, focus on tips for sprucing up a space.
  5. Resolve your ask versus your give: Make sure you’re offering your influencer something worth their time investment. Ask for their rates on top of whatever free product they’d receive, or share a budget and ask what they’d be willing to do for that price.

14 Visual Marketing Statistics to Know

Knowing what visual types perform well makes it much easier to know what to create for your brand. Check out these fascinating statistics about how marketers use visuals. You can read more on Social Media Today.