The TL;DR February 19, 2019

5 min

For our first Tuesday TL;DR, we’ll be talking about LinkedIn’s new updates to Groups, the best ways to use Instagram Video, and stats about Instagram your business needs to know.

LinkedIn Adds New Features To Groups

Groups used to be an integral part of LinkedIn, but they fell from grace after they got filled with spam and self-promotion. In an effort to restore their former glory, LinkedIn has added some updates to their Groups offering. Read more on Social Media Today.


  1. Notifications for New Group Posts: LinkedIn set up these notifications to avoid spamming users — all new posts from any given group are compiled into one notification rather than several separate ones.
  2. Notifications of Group Posts Written by Connections: In an effort to help generate more interest in group conversations, LinkedIn will start notifying you when your connections post.
  3. Highlight Relevant Conversations: Currently the platform is working on a way for group admins to notify members of new posts that might be of particular interest to them. While it hasn’t been released yet, it is also possible that the platform might also make it so admins can notify certain groups members rather than all of them.
  4. Post Review and Approval: Like Facebook, LinkedIn is working on functionality that allows admins to approve posts rather than letting members post what they want all the time.
  5. Group Cover Images: This feature will allow admins to customize their groups a little more, making them more relevant and interesting to users.

The Best Ways to Use Instagram Video

It’s no secret that video is highly successful across all platforms, but what’s the best way to use it on Instagram? Here are a few ideas. You can find more here.


21 Instagram Stats You Need to Know

Facebook might still be king, but Instagram is quickly rising through the ranks. Here are 21 stats to help you out on the Internet’s favorite social network. Read more here.