The TL;DR March 5, 2019

5 min

This week we’re going to talk about Instagram’s latest updates, how to increase engagement on your Instagram Stories, and give you a daily checklist to level up your LinkedIn game.

Testing Now: Updates to IGTV and Public Collections

Though many have been slow to adopt Instagram’s new IGTV feature, the company is continuing to improve the feature. Read on for more on the updates and learn about public collections. Check out the full article here.


6 Tactics to Help Improve Instagram Story Engagement

We all know that everyone’s using Stories, but how can you make yours stand out and grab engagement? Get six tips from the full article here.


  1. Tell a story: Just throwing up a photo is easy, but it’s not very engaging. Share a compelling story with a beginning, middle, and end that you tell throughout the day.
  2. Add captions: Generally, people don’t browse Instagram with sound on and often they’ll skip a story that requires sound rather than stopping their scroll to turn on the sound. Adding captions gives them the most out of your Story without interfering with their normal user habits.
  3. Use stickers: From questions to polls, Instagram has added some really fun stickers that are engagement-friendly. Take advantage of them — generally, users love responding to stickers.
  4. Use prompts: You’d be surprised how often users will follow prompts. Consider letting users know to ‘hold to listen’, ’tap for more info’, or ‘get ready’ if there’s more content to come.
  5. Make “screenshot-able” stories: We’ve all seen those fun quizzes that our friends fill out on Instagram Stories — why not make some for your brand? These help you in a few ways: you get more screenshots, users return to your Story for more content, and users will likely tag your brand when they share it on their own Stories.
  6. Try DM for download: Similar to asking someone for an email address in exchange for a useful download, you can ask Instagram users to to DM you for access to a freebie. This is a great, modern way to enhance your content marketing tactics.

15 Things for Daily Marketing On LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. The steps below can help you create an effective LinkedIn marketing routine. You can see more on Social Media Today.