The TL;DR April 23, 2019

5 min

This week we’ll talk about Facebook’s potential new feed & Instagram’s new live video test, LinkedIn updates, and share advice on how to create a landing page that works.

Facebook’s Swipeable Feed & Instagram’s Communal Video

Facebook never stops innovating for their platforms, and this week is no exception. They’re testing a new feed type on Facebook and a new communal video option on Instagram. Read more about Facebook’s update here and Instagram’s here.


LinkedIn Makes More Community Focused Updates

As LinkedIn continues its march towards being a must-have network, they’ve added more updates to increase community interaction. You can read about teammates here and the new reactions here.


7 Landing Page Best Practices For A More Effective Digital Strategy

Your online campaign is only as good as your landing page. Follow these seven best practices to help improve your digital campaigns. You can read more here.