The TL;DR May 14th, 2019

7 min

This week we’ll cover what you need to know from F8, things to remember when building an engagement strategy, and how to create a buyer persona.

What Marketers Need To Know From F8

Last week Facebook held its annual developer conference – here are the updates you need to know. Read the full story here.


How to Build a Social Media Engagement Strategy

We all know that engagement is the key to beating the algorithms now, but how do you actually get it? Check out our favorite tips, below, from the experts at Social Media Week.


  1. Host a contest or weekly series: People love prizes and they love sharing things they created so combine the two. Or have regularly-scheduled free-for-all threads, invite people to share selfies, or ask questions that are fun to answer. Followers are likely to participate and you’re bound to see engagement.
  2. Feature community members & share UGC: Share something that a member of your community posted or accomplished. It makes your members feel special and it encourages others to contribute more frequently for the chance to be featured.
  3. Go live: Live streams are not only pushed to the top of the feed, but they also tend to drive more likes and comments. Try it out and see how many people are willing to participate – just make sure you pick a time that’s convenient for your followers.
  4. Ask questions & feedback: People love to share opinions online, so encourage this behavior! Ask questions about your audience and learn what they’d like to see more of – putting those suggestions into practice will encourage more contributions and they’ll be more likely to want to get to know you.
  5. Get to know your community: When you get to know your audience, they feel more comfortable with your brand and you’re better able to create content that speaks to them. Take the time to find out who they are and why they love your business.
  6. Build honest, transparent & genuine connections: People work with people they like, and people like you more when you’re honest with them. If you can admit your mistakes, correct them, and take feedback gracefully, you will build loyalty. Similarly, get to know your followers and you’ll know what makes them feel or take action. The more posts you create that spark emotion, the more dedicated your followers will be.

How to Create a Buyer Persona

Every piece of your strategy comes down to one thing – the buyer persona. So you need to make sure you do it right. This infographic can help, found on Social Media Today.