The TL;DR June 18, 2019

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This week we’ll be talking about how to leverage immersive reality, how to create a more human, relevant brand, and all the interesting information you need to know about Google. If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here.

How to Leverage Immersive Reality for Your Social Media Strategy

Immersive Reality is the umbrella term for augmented reality and virtual reality, and this technology is only growing more popular by the day. Find out how you can use it for your social strategy below and read the full article on Social Media Today.


20 Ways to Build A Relevant, Human Brand on Social.

The age of free organic reach is over. If you want your customers to follow you, you need to be authentic. Check out these 20 ideas below, found on Social Media Today. You can also find more innovative social media content ideas in our Social Media Week roundup post.


  1. Be authentically you: Social media users can spot inauthenticity a mile away, so let your brand’s true colors shine. The right people will appreciate it.
  2. Find where passion and business intersect with opportunity: If you’re passionate about something and can tie it back to your business, embrace it! You’ll make better content if you love the content you’re creating.
  3. Create a content calendar and plan: Taking the time to have a plan will ultimately make you more consistent and more successful.
  4. Know and love your audience: They’re the most important part of your brand, after all. Read up on how to get to know your audience better here.
  5. Know your value: Understand what your brand is and isn’t good at. Lean into your strengths and improve your weaker areas. This will help you make better content.
  6. Know your audience’s goals: Inspiring audiences is key to getting them to connect with you in the first place. Understand what they want to accomplish.
  7. Create content that helps your audience achieve their goals: Once you know your audience’s goals, give them content that helps them accomplish those goals.
  8. Make content that inspires and empowers: Don’t just help them achieve their goals – inspire them to keep going when things get rough.
  9. Use great visuals: Visual content makes a huge difference performance-wise, so create high-quality, unique visuals that resonate with your audience.
  10. Choose a specific industry or niche: Laser focus on what you know best and create content that speaks to that vertical. It pretty much guarantees you’ll create the best content you can.
  11. Choose one or two networks: Don’t spread yourself too thin across a large number of networks. Pick the ones you know you can “win” and focus your efforts there.
  12. Look for what your competitors are missing: Keep an eye on your competitors. Whatever they are failing to give their audiences, you should create.
  13. Choose one or two marketing mediums: Similar to focusing on specific networks, choose one type of medium (video, infographics, etc), and become very good at it.
  14. Tap into the personal brand “YOU” factor: People prefer to buy from someone they know and trust, so let them know who you are. Invest in your personal brand as well as your professional brand and you’ll see success.
  15. Tap into other people’s content and community: Build authentic relationships with leaders in your industry and share their content. Eventually, you can partner up for co-marketing campaigns that help you both.
  16. Leverage smart paid media and retargeting: A little money spent well will go a long way towards getting your content in front of the right people. Take advantage of this to grow your following.
  17. Leverage data: Track your numbers and use those insights to create better content/
  18. Focus on the big picture: Take steps aligned with a larger vision and don’t freak out when small things don’t work out – it happens to everyone.
  19. Leverage derivative content: Create tentpole content that can then be cut down into smaller, reusable pieces across multiple platforms.
  20. Invest in humans: Take the time to interact with your audience regularly and truly get to know them.

20 Fascinating Google Facts and Stats

Google is the king of the internet, but how much do you really know about it? Check out some interesting stats about this online behemoth below, found on Social Media Today.