The TL;DR August 20, 2019


This week we’ll be discussing how personalization affects data collection, Twitter’s latest updates, and basic social media etiquette for brands. If you missed last week’s issue, you can find it here.

Personalization and Consumer Willingness to Share Data

The Advertising Research Foundation recently did a study on consumer privacy and digital marking. What they found may be surprising. Read the highlights below and get more information here.


5 Features Coming to Twitter Soon

Following on the heels of a huge visual overall, Twitter released a list of upcoming features that aim to boost usage. You can read the full article here.


  1. Topic Lists: Twitter is currently testing a feature that allows you to choose exactly what topics you see info on. Soon you will be able to make lists on various topics and see recent curated tweets on the subject.
  2. Subscribing to Conversations: If there’s a certain thread or conversation you don’t want to miss out on, you’ll soon be able to subscribe to that thread and receive notifications whenever a new tweet is added.
  3. Re-Order Attached Images: This simple (but much needed) quality of life update will enable you to re-order photos while composing a tweet, eliminating the need to organize them ahead of time.
  4. Support for Live Photos: Another simple update that would allow you to upload live photos taken on the iPhone to help diversify your image content.
  5. DM Search: Fairly straightforward. This will allow you to search for content and names within all of your most recent DMs.

12 Do’s and Dont’s for a Successful Social Marketing Strategy

We could all use a little refresher on what we should and should not do on social media as brands. Check out the infographic below for twelve tips, found here.