6 with DEFINITION 6: Doug Dimon


We recently sat down with Doug Dimon, SVP Group Creative Director, to hear more about what he does, what he believes, and what he’s excited about for 2020. 

What do you do here at D6?

I head up the creative team here at D6 which includes all types of content creation, design (both UX and graphic) and strategy.

What’s something you are working on that will be impactful for D6 clients?

One of our goals is to create content that can be repurposed to give our clients scale for the ongoing collateral they need to produce.  We used to say “content is king,” now we say “content is everything.”  Meaning, we treat everything as content – whether it’s a meme or a 3-minute video.  The content has to tell the story, be impactful and work within the larger message.

What’s happening in the industry from a creative perspective that has you excited?

I think that the ability to micro-target people brings with it both amazing creative opportunities and increased creative responsibilities.  Being able to talk to a specific person in a specific situation and show them things that resonate, and have that level of personalization for everyone, is unprecedented.  The tools are here; but that means I have to think about creative in a way that allows me to do that – without the burden of having to develop an infinite number of iterations.

What role does measurement & analytics play in the creative process?

It’s interesting… 5 years ago I would have said analytics don’t have anything to do with creative, but I’ve grown in my opinion.  It’s important to understand what resonates, and the best way to do that is through some form of metrics.  The sophistication of measurement that’s available to us allows us to understand perception and sentiment in a way that really does – and should – influence our creative.

What do you think will be different in 2020 about the way digital agencies engage with their clients?

The moniker digital agency has come to mean anyone that’s not a media buying shop, so what people think of as the purview of digital agencies has changed – and will continue to change.  There’s a very little boundary between what we’re responsible for and any other kind of agency, except media buying.  The types of things clients will come to us for is wide open because digital as a channel covers so much more than it ever used to when it was just websites and banners.

What’s the last app you downloaded?

The “Oculus” app to control my Oculus Quest.