The TL;DR October 15, 2019


This week we’ll be covering content marketing myths, social media vs print, and the rise of social commerce. If you missed last week’s issue you can find it here.

5 Content Marketing Myths That Might Be Holding You Back

With content marketing continually evolving, misconceptions creep in to cloud the reality. Take a look at these 5 misconceptions and read more on MarTech Today.


  1. Content speaks for itself: Though content is king, it needs support from other marketing channels.
  2. SEO is dead and organic rankings are a waste of time: Certain older SEO tactics, such as keyword stuffing, are ineffective, but that doesn’t make SEO any less important. Many modern tactics are still necessary. 
  3. Facebook is dying: This platform may not be your business’s main social channel, but it is still the world’s largest social network. A lack of presence on your page can be a missed opportunity.
  4. The more content, the better: Find the happy medium between creating a single large piece that may or may not perform and overwhelming your audience with too much content.
  5. Martech will solve your marketing problems: Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and requires a sound strategy and continual support. Tech must be strategically chosen and used well to succeed – it’s not a guaranteed recipe for success.

Social Media Spend to Overtake Print Spend for the First Time Ever

The headline says it all – in 2019, social media spend will likely overtake print spend worldwide for the first time. Read how it will affect marketing below and find out more here.


The Rise of Social Commerce – and What It Means for Your Brand

Platforms keep expanding eCommerce features – so what does that mean for you? Find out in the infographic below, originally from Social Media Today.