The TL;DR October 22, 2019


This week we’ll cover Facebook’s new comprehensive “Disruptor Hub”, how to successfully transform a brand, and web design stats to inform your next site update. If you missed last week’s issue you can find it here.

Facebook Launches “Disruptor Hub”

Facebook has released even more tools for marketers, likely in a bid to keep them spending on the platform. Read about the Disruptor Hub below and find out more here.


4 Tips for Transforming Your Brand the Right Way

We’re living in a time of constant brand transformation – but how do we figure out what is right for our brands, and how do we successfully execute it? These four tips should help. Read more here.


  1. Remember that trend-chasing isn’t innovation: While it can feel like we have to stay up to date on every latest technological development, that’s not what it means to innovate. While new technologies can open up possibilities for us, true innovation is deeply entrenched in your brand. It involves looking at your specific customer base, analyzing their particular wants and needs, and making improvements that benefit them in a way only you could make possible. Innovation isn’t adopting TikTok, innovation is finding a way to make your customers’ lives easier.
  2. Trust the innovation snowball: Innovation isn’t just a one-trick pony – once you create a streamlined process for innovation, the improvements will keep coming. A culture of innovation can create its own supply chain, helping to turn your brand into a leader in your space. And if you add in strategic partners? The innovation funnel just gets bigger and stronger.
  3. Be honest about your current state: You can’t innovate if you don’t know what currently isn’t working. The heart of innovation is to improve on the current iteration of whatever you’re analyzing. Be open-minded and take a long, honest, in-depth look at every element of your brand. Once you do that, you’ll be well-positioned to make impressive improvements.
  4. Make the leap: Doing the research and making plans is the easy part – now comes the hard part. You have to follow-through. It can be daunting once actual capital and real plans enter the picture, but innovation only works if you execute on it. Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to get to work.

17 Web Design Stats to Help You Create an Effective Home Page

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