The TL;DR October 29, 2019

This week we’ll be discussing how to connect with Gen Z, new FTC regulations on buying likes and reviews, and the impacts of 5G on marketing. In case you missed it, check out last week’s issue here.

3 Key Ways to Maximize Your Appeal to Gen Z

Having grown up with social media and constant connection, Gen Z has traits dissimilar to Millennials that marketers should understand. Read these three ways to target Gen Z and see more on Social Media Today.


  1. Include diversity in your approach. Gen Z trusts brands that embrace diversity and representation. Shift from your traditional approach so that it better aligns with your target audience’s values.
  2. Use the community and group communication to your advantage. Gen Z craves connection. Consider creating an opportunity for collaboration and group discussion so that you can better get to know Gen Zers.
  3. Highlight the social good in your brand. Not only will this lead to a better relationship with Gen Zers, but it will also benefit your business overall.

FTC Prohibits Posting Fake Reviews and Selling Followers & Likes

Two recent court case rulings have caused engagement sellers to reevaluate their practices. Check out our breakdown below and find more details on Social Media Today.


  • The Facts:
    • The Federal Trade Commission fined German Calas, Jr., owner of social media marketing company Devumi, for selling “fake indicators of social media influence.”
    • Sunday Riley, a popular Sephora brand, was issued a warning for writing fake reviews of products on the company website.
    • Facebook declared legal action against providers dealing digital fakes.
  • The Implications:
    • There is now a possibility of legal action against engagement sellers, and on-platform action against engagement buyers.
    • Recently, follower and engagement counts have decreased for accounts that have bought either one, showing that platforms are getting better at taking action.
    • If you weren’t already, steer clear of these practices and make sure your Social Media Manager knows to avoid this tactic.

Research on the Impacts of the 5G Network

Technology advances with more data requirements call for an upgraded network. Learn about the impacts of 5G connectivity and read more on Social Media Today.